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Digital Foundry examines how cloud-based games perform on Nintendo Switch

Video gaming technology enthusiasts Digital Foundry have taken a look at a number of cloud-based games on the Nintendo Switch family of systems and haven’t come away particularly impressed by the experiences they have had while they were testing. The crew tested five games which are Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, Ubisoft’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and finally IO Interactive’s, Hitman 3. The team looked at things such as image quality, input delay, frame rate and resolution. You can check out the key points below, or read the full piece, here.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 runs at 720p with an unlocked 60fps. Its intricate art style and lavish use of colour simply can’t be properly captured with the video encoding here – it looks very poor and compressed
  • With Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 Remix, the games are so old and technically so basic, there is no need to use the cloud. Switch should be handling these natively and at 60fps. Remarkably, the cloud versions are running at 720p30
  • Guardians of the Galaxy is a truly demanding game that could only work via the cloud. However, visual elements are out of place, and it runs at 720p30
  • Hitman 3 has two modes but it’s not entirely clear what the enhanced graphics mode does. Both seem to operate at variable resolutions and target 30fps
  • Every 30fps cap across every title tested exhibits uneven frame-pacing


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