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Nintendo Direct presentation confirmed for tomorrow, 9th February

Tune in on Wednesday 9th February at 10pm UK time /11pm CET/ 2PM PT for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information mainly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching in the first half of 2022.

To tune in, check out the Nintendo Direct website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, where the broadcast will be streamed.

Source: Nintendo UK

42 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct presentation confirmed for tomorrow, 9th February”

    1. I’m hoping we get something like pretty new that we weren’t expecting to see on the switch along with the games you listed and heck some new things added to the online expansion.

  1. Wt a surprising turn of events. At this point I have way too many switch games to play tbh lol haven’t even bought pokemon arceus yet, and kirby, triangle strategy are following close behind.

  2. Im just waiting on any new news for Disgaea 6 and Monster Hunter Rise ports for PlayStation.
    Pretty sure Nintendo paid to have Disgaea 6 exclusively on The Switch in the west. Disgaea 6 released for The Switch and PS4 in Japan, i’d be surprised if it didn’t release on PlayStation as every Disgaea game has always been on PlayStation. Maybe in a years time it’ll make the jump to PSN.

    Disgaea 6 and Monster Hunter Rise was the reason i wanted a Switch, be nice if they ever make the jump to PSN.
    Disgaea 5 sold better on The Switch, unfortunately they may have dumped Sony if The Switch has a bigger fanbase.

    1. Don’t hold your breath, cause from the Capcom Ransom leaks that happens last year, Nintendo paid 2 Million for time exclusivity, and it also leaked the console it coming to after the exclusivity, and it’s not PSN.

  3. I’m expecting a lot of further looks at games we already know about (Splatoon 3, Mario + Rabbids 2, Kirby, and Advance Wars), a few new things (since 2022 is packed already), and probably a full reveal of BotW 2 (unless they want to save that for E3-time).

    If they do any more than that, I think I’ll go bankrupt.

      1. Maybe we should get a reveal about Mario Kart 9 or Xenoblade Chronicles 3 possibly. There has been some small details about those type of games that Nintendo has not announced yet.

  4. I’m predicting a lot more info Kirby and splatoon as these are games due pretty soon.
    There could well be some Zelda info, nows a good time to build up a bit more hype with e3 then exploding a lot more details.
    AND METROID PRIME TRILOGY would be very nice

  5. Hopefully we get something interesting, but I never expect much. Probably gonna be a big focus on Kirby, then a bunch of indie games that aren’t Silksong. No BotW 2, since they’d probably save that for later in the year. MP4 is still too far off. Pikmin 4 doesn’t exist.

    At least SmUsh is done so it won’t waste part of that 40 minutes…

        1. Yeah true but as robogiraffe said; It will still “waste” a part of that 40 minutes.
          Frankly I don’t get why people say this, Nintendo Directs don’t have a time limit they just add in what they can and then whatever the total time is is how it’s announced.

  6. I somehow doubt we’ll see anything of BotW2, Nintendo seems to be even more tight-lipped than usual regarding this one. Considering Kirby and Advance Wars are both less than two months away, we will probably see those. We will likely see more of Splatoon 3 and we will get a release window of late spring/early summer.

    And I have to do it- I have to hope for something, ANYTHING, for F-Zero.

      1. Not to mention it never released outside of Japan. To be fair, it was tied to the anime which here in the States was cancelled after 15 episodes (out of 51) so perhaps that’s the reason it did not get an international release. I’m sure it’s still a good game even if you haven’t seen the anime- I’ve watched the whole series and it’s… …well it wasn’t bad.

  7. Hoping to see something Xenoblade-related (ideally a Xenoblade Chronicles X Definitive Edition but that won’t happen) or something new from Monolith Soft.

    1. I would like to see a new AA game as well, considering the seventh main game is most likely in the works (going by the ransom leak from back then). I also doubt Capcom would show it in a Direct presentation though, they are probably saving it for around the time E3 usually takes place or maybe later afterwards this year.

      1. I kinda wish they would give us the 4 – 6 collection while we wait. DD and SoJ are stuck on my og 3DS since I didn’t want to mess with the screwdriver when I got a 2DS XL, so a more permanent way of going back to the games would be ideal.

  8. Mario strikers, Fire Emblem remake, Splatoon 3 date, new DK game as big surprise. I’d hope for a GB/GBA online announcement, goldeneye or wrestlemania would be sweet, but probably diddy kong racing or snowboard kids.

  9. Ugh, why does this have to start when I have to clock in to work? And how do I avoid all the spoilers for eight hours?

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