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GTA Trilogy sales “significantly exceeded expectations” and sold around 10 million units

Take-Two has revealed that Rockstar games Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition sales have “significantly exceeded expectations.” Many will be shaking their head at the news as the remastered ports launched in a poor state on all platforms, but it was Nintendo Switch owners who were hit the hardest. Some of the bugs have since been stamped out, but many others still remain. Rockstar Games even had to publicly apologise for the state the game launched in. The ports themselves was not actually handled by Rockstar and were in fact allocated to a third party developer, Grove Street Games.


7 thoughts on “GTA Trilogy sales “significantly exceeded expectations” and sold around 10 million units”

  1. Based on the hideous state they launched in it’s pretty obvious they didn’t expect to reach so many people. This was meant to be a quick cash grab, nothing more.

  2. I’m one of those 10 million people who bought it (on PS4). But I still haven’t played it. I’m drowning in games. Probably the reason my asthma is acting up worse than usual lately. Okay, dumb joke. But the asthma part is real.

  3. R* tried adding additional featuring like improved draw distance, auto save, GTA 5 controlls, improved graphics etc etc Kinda surprised, but NOT really since it’s the worst release since Cyberpunk. Not surprised Open world free roam sandbox games are almost impossible finding and fixing all bugs.

    R* and Sony removed the GTA classic ports from the PlayStation Store with the release of the trilogy.
    Not sure about the Eshop, kinda figured GTA fanbase would be hyped up with GTA 6 IN development

  4. Meanwhile, the OG GTA trilogy is still forgotten to time. Give us GTA, GTA:London, and GTA2. Given the historic nature of GTA/London being the first basic add-on content for a console game it’s certainly a neat bit of history. Throw in the awesome cast of characters and I feel like current R* could learn a thing or 2 about story telling and fun gameplay.

    Member gang wars and the gangs areas of influence and what not? I’d ask Pepperidge farms but all I found was dust next to a perfectly preserved bit of sausage.

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