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Sonic Movie 3 & a live-action spinoff Knuckles series have been confirmed

There are now less than 2 more months until Sonic the Hedgehog 2 premieres in movie theaters. With the film’s release getting very close, attention is beginning to turn towards the future. And according to Paramount, the cinematic universe of Sonic the Hedgehog is going to be far from done.

The Twitter account for the Paramount+ streaming service revealed that a third Sonic the Hedgehog movie is already in development. But that’s not all. They also announced that there is going to be an original live-action spinoff series starring Knuckles the Echidna, with Idris Elba returning to voice the character. The official tweet is down below.

18 thoughts on “Sonic Movie 3 & a live-action spinoff Knuckles series have been confirmed”

  1. The first wasn’t the best but it was definitely much better than I expected. I hope the second improves and the third improves even further. Not sure how I feel about sonic shows anymore though.

      1. My money’s on Metal Sonic since they seem to be banking on having Knuckles as the rival for the live action series, and he’s never really been treated as Sonic’s rival ever since Adventure 2 came out. Sometimes I even forget that they used to butt heads constantly.

        1. You know, Knuckles is still Sonic’s friendly rival since his debuted in Sonic 3. But, when time has past, everything with both of them being rivals or fighting each other suddenly faded away in Sonic games.

          1. Yeah, Sonic seemed to just tolerate Knuckles in the Adventure games, but things changed starting around Heroes. I think there was still some of that in games like Sonic Battle, but that was near the end of that kind of rivalry between them.

            1. That I agree. Not only that, Eggman is always the sneaking one who always tricked Knuckles just to get the master emerald or chaos emerald for short. To be honest, we will never see something like that again in future Sonic titles like Sonic and Knuckles fight each other. But now, they are still in good terms to each other in Sonic Heroes.

    1. Wait didn’t amy and metal sonic both debuted around the same time pretty sure both in sonic cd, I honestly want to see amy more just to see how they’ll portray her.

  2. I’m willing to bet that the Knuckles spinoff will have at least one story arc where the Master Emerald (which as far as we can tell, appears in the upcoming movie) gets broken and he has to search for the missing pieces just like in the Adventure games.

    I wonder if the title will be The Fightin’ Freak Knuckles.

    1. Well let’s see:

      -Don’t know how NiGHTS into Dreams would work in live-action.
      -Samba de Amigo is a rhythm game.
      -Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg never really caught on.
      -Bayonetta has too much skin for the big screen.
      -Phantasy Star’s world(s) seems too expensive to portray.
      -Not exactly sure about Burning Rangers.
      -Virtual Fighter and Shenmue could work.
      -Jet Set Radio could possibly work.
      -Crazy Taxi could possibly work too.
      -They could definitely do work with Golden Axe.
      -There’s already a Streets of Rage movie (that has nothing to do with Bare Knuckle)
      -Daytona/SEGA Rally would just be a Fast and the Furious clone.
      -Good luck trying to make a live-action Super Monkey Ball. Same goes for Alex Kidd.
      -Space Channel 5 just seems too fabulous. Also, it would be too late to include Space Michael.
      -Curien’s Mansion would just get lost in the cavalcade of chiller flicks.
      -Feel the Magic!?

      That’s all I got

  3. Whoa, that was fast (no pun intended). Would be nice to see Amy and/or Metal Sonic in this (as well as in the Sonic 2 credits).

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