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More robust gyro controls coming to Fortnite on Nintendo Switch plus Flick Stick

Epic Games has said in a blog post that they have sought help from input specialist and flick stick creator Julian “Jibb” Smart and have added more robust gyro aiming modes on Fortnite in Version.19.30 for Nintendo Switch which means that your Joy-Cons will be more accurate when aiming and feature more customisable options. Epic Games has also outlined on their official blog how they have improved the motion controls in Fortnite Version.19.30 compared to previous releases. If you are interested in using gyro controls in Fortnite then be sure to read this.

“The gyro controls are an improved version of the motion controls that were in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch and Android before v19.30. While these motion controls were gyro-based, the new gyro controls have added benefits. These include significantly more customization (as seen in the settings rundown above), no forced aim acceleration, the ability to make gyro inactive in certain situations, and on Nintendo Switch specifically: less frequent recalibration.”
“When it comes to sensitivity, there is now less need to set different sensitivities depending on whether you’re sniping or targeting, since the main sensitivity slider is now scaled by zoom level. However, players can disable zoom scaling in the Advanced Gyro Options, as well as set specific sensitivities for sniping, targeting (now “aiming”), harvesting, building, and editing.”


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