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First season of Chocobo GP for Switch to be free if you buy the game and it includes Cloud and Squall

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 SQUARE ENIX announced that Chocobo GP, an exhilarating kart racing experience set in the Chocobo universe, is now available for digital pre-order on Nintendo Switch in anticipation of its 10th March 2022 release. Players can put the pedal to the metal in Chocobo’s newest racing adventure, full of magic and mayhem, and featuring characters from the Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY franchises, including Vivi and Steiner from FINAL FANTASY IX. Chocobo GP features a variety of game modes and both online and offline multiplayer modes that will challenge players of all skill levels as they take on thrilling courses from well-known Chocobo and FINAL FANTASY series locations. 

SQUARE ENIX also introduced the first Season, which players can join in on in the game’s 64-player bracket-style tournament, Chocobo GP Mode. Lasting roughly two months, each Season will present special rewards which players can earn by raising their season score and season level through participation in Chocobo GP Mode. An optional Prize Pass will be available for purchase, granting players access to additional rewards and the ability to earn resources, such as Gil, more efficiently. Gil can be used to purchase various rewards in the game’s Gil Shop.

As a Season One login bonus, all player can obtain 800 mythril (equivalent to a Prize Pass) for a limited time, allowing them to obtain FINAL FANTASY VII’s Cloud as a level reward of the first Prize Pass. Additionally, all players of the full game have the chance to obtain FINAL FANTASY VIII’s Squall from the Gil Shop.

Source: Nintendo UK

13 thoughts on “First season of Chocobo GP for Switch to be free if you buy the game and it includes Cloud and Squall”

  1. Wait wait I’m confused, so if purchasing the full game doesn’t make you exempt from having to buy season passes in the future, what the fuck DOES it give you that the free version doesn’t?

    1. Apologies.

      If you download the free-to-play version you will have the option whether or not to purchase the Season Pass which gives you extra characters such as Cloud and Squall and karts etc.

      If you purchase the full game (£39.99) you will get the game’s Season Pass free for the first season which will give you access to Cloud, Squall, and more.

      1. Yeah, I have tried to explain it in the comment above :) Basically if you download the free-to-play version you can purchase the Season Pass for the first in-game season. If you buy the full game then you will get the first Season Pass free.

  2. this “news” sucks and does more to hurt the product than to help it. You don’t just get the first season pass free for getting it. You also get all the full regular modes of the game like story mode and such. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, you don’t HAVE to pay for these passes, either. It sounds like the pass is just a pay to win aspect and you can make up for it by just playing the season for a sufficient amount of time. Like a typical f2p, which isn’t ideal, but if you’re not in it for the seasons and just want to play it like mario kart and deal with the fact you may miss out on future special characters (there’s a hefty roster in the game already) then you can do that.

    1. I read over the official source a half dozen other times and took a careful look at the screenshots and I change my mind. It’s trash, you have to buy the pass at all just to be ELIGIBLE for rewards that you will not necessarily get if you don’t level up lots during the season. Better hope the season characters suck!

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