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Pokemon games are currently dominating the top 10 best-selling 3DS digital charts

By now, you’re more than likely aware of the announcement that Nintendo will be closing the Wii U and 3DS eShops in March of 2023. There has been quite a bit of fan backlash, but the closure of the eShops has also resulted in a rush to buy certain games before they are no longer available.

That includes the many Pokemon games that are available on the 3DS. In fact, Pokemon games are currently dominating the digital charts for the top 10 best-selling 3DS games. Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon Red are also topping the charts in the US. In the UK, not only are these same games at the top, but the region’s top 10 also includes Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, and Pokemon Blue.


5 thoughts on “Pokemon games are currently dominating the top 10 best-selling 3DS digital charts”

  1. Maybe it’s a marketing sham, Nintendo retracts their announcement after everyone purchases games they usually wouldn’t purchase before it’s to late. So Nintendo makes bank … Sony retracted their announcement claiming they “made the wrong decision” to close the PlayStation Store for PS3 and Vita
    “i bet they did make a wrong decision”
    Sure they did

  2. It’s not because of the eshop closure announcement. It’s because of Legends Arceus sparking Pokemon nostalgia. Sales were surging before the announcement.

  3. “top 10” gives us no information. Even if they only sold 200 games, something would still be on the top 10. I’m not sure why you’d call it a rush, and then give literally zero reason to think there’s a rush. There was still a top 10 two weeks ago, and I’d wager most of those games were Pokemon games, being far and away the most successful games on the platform.

  4. Ah, ok.
    Well, i was just saying as in “What if” like the what if factor. Like a retorical question or speaking figureitavly. I guess Pokemon Legend Arceus could cause Pokemon nostalgia, just assuming with the announcement of them closing the Eshop it’s boosted sales of digital only games.
    The 1st paragraph of the article post by My Nintendo News would suggest the rush to purchase digital only games is because of Nintendos announcement. In layman terms they are implying the rush is because digital only games wouldn’t be available once they close the eshop.

    That’s the risk you take in the digital age, you would still be able to download games already purchased as digital. But couldn’t purchase anymore digital only games. As sure as i am that Pokemon is the most profitable Ip, im also sure the announcement claiming they close the eshops have boosted sales of digital only games.

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