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Minecraft gets Street Fighter skins

35 characters from the Street Fighter series will be making their way to popular creative sandbox game Minecraft in the form of downloadable content from the Minecraft Marketplace. The Street Fighter pack is available now via the Minecraft Marketplace for 490 Minecoins (in-game currency). Mojang says that you will be able to customize your character to your heart’s content with a new Character Creator item.

“This incredible new pack from 57Digital and Capcom brings 35 of your favorite fighting characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li from the arcade to the Overworld and celebrates a tale of fierce feuds and formidable foes. These familiar faces have been on our screens even longer than Steve and Alex, and now you can play as one of them (or all 35!) in Minecraft. The only question now is: are you ready? Or do you need more training a trailer?”

3 thoughts on “Minecraft gets Street Fighter skins”

  1. This would go good with the Mortal Kombat skins

    Wonder why they don’t add character skins for Minecraft Dungeons. They have different character skins, but their generic or default. Not like Minecraft with Street Fighter, Star Wars etc

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