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Video: Zelda: Majora’s Mask coming 25th February to Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Nintendo of America has confirmed that the iconic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch system on Friday, 25th February. The darker The Legend of Zelda game will be available for subscribers of the higher tier Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass and hopefully the emulation is up to scratch. You can check out a newly put together trailer for the release in the tweet below.

It’s a race to stop the moon and save the world! The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will become available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members on February 25! Upon landing in the mystical world of Termina, Link must embark on an urgent quest to solve the mystery of the moon, save the world from destruction, and find his way back to the peaceful land of Hyrule in just three days! Use the ocarina’s power to manipulate time, and plan your schedule as you solve mind-boggling puzzles and dungeons!

32 thoughts on “Video: Zelda: Majora’s Mask coming 25th February to Switch Online + Expansion Pack”

  1. Anyone else notice that the NSO N64 game drops are occurring later and later into the months since Paper Mario? At this rate we won’t see the next one until the beginning of April, March will be skipped entirely.

      1. As of the timing right now and from last December, we been getting drip fed one game per month, and they all have been late releases, your comments are gonna age like chunky milk if you continue dregan.

        1. It’s perfect like it is now. One game per month gives me time to finish the one from last month. felixgray still the clown I see

              1. What I’m trying to highlight is that you are doing a horrible job supporting Nintendo in these comment sections.

                Unless it’s not about defending Nintendo… and you just like going on the offense with people.


          1. Your only thinking about yourself instead of thinking of others situation, so your the only clown in this comment section also these are N64 games they don’t take that long to beat I can understand a few days and a week but definitely not a whole month, Nintendo isn’t paying you to defend every one of their bad business practices so I don’t see your point in defending them it’s not like you personally know any of the ceo’s

            1. Why should I think at your broke-ass situation? I don’t have time to play all day long like you it seems. I don’t defend Nintendo, but I still don’t see the problem with the one N64 game per month. It suits me just fine

              1. While I don’t support the rudeness, if you break down the math, the expansion pass is $30/year more than the regular online subscription. Ignoring the initial offering of games, 30/12= $2.50 a game.

                The Wii U eshop N64 games, the shop everyone here was just complaining about closing down, is 400% more expensive than that. If you complain about the pricing of the expansion pass and also complain about the closing of the Wii U eshop, you’re being objectively ridiculous.

              2. You got nerve to call me broke, I’m not even broke, seriously why are you in a comment section you sound like one of those Nintendo life commenters, the whole situation isn’t even about pricing, if Nintendo actually consistently released more than 1 game every month like they were doing with SNES and NES I’m sure not many people would be upset like they are now, also I know you made that second account to try to make yourself feel good nicki_boagries, your literally talking to yourself in the comment sections.

                1. You are delusional if you think I’m using my free time to create alternate accounts just to antagonize you. Maybe you should just accept the fact that there are way more people than you think, that don’t have a problem with the way Nintendo is managing the NSO + Expansion Pack and consider they get their moneys worth from that service.

                  1. Even if you didn’t theirs only one person agreeing with you, you definitely have free time if your willing to attack everyone who disagrees with this horrible businesses model, everyone sees you do this all the time in every one of these N64 nso articles, if you enjoy it so much why do you always come in the comments and try to talk down on others who disagree, just to defend something that you know isn’t right it’s dead obvious you don’t like it, cause you always use some weak excuse to make it seem like it’s ok, your trying awfully hard to make it seem like this service is worth the money.

                    (This conversation is over anyway I honestly don’t have time for your pity party at the moment )

          2. It takes you a month to finish Banjo-Kazooie? I can 100% that game in around 11 hours- 10 if I get really lucky on the infamous boiler room segment of Rusty Bucket Bay. That’s maybe four days out of the month if I pace myself.

            1. Not everyone’s played these games before. Like wow congrats you know what to do in the game already so it’s a short play through . I’ve thoroughly enjoyed beating paper Mario over a period of a month

        2. ” we been getting drip fed one game per month”

          What are you comparing against? How are you deciding on the appropriate rate? Sony puts up 1 absolutely garbage PS5 game a month, and no one says a word.

          Sorry, I’m sure all the PS+ customers have been thoroughly enjoying “Planet Coaster: Console edition” for the month of February just like I am.

          1. I can’t speak for the OP but my guess is that it’s not about the frequency of the games being available per se but the availability of these legacy games. It’s not wanting a “free” game but wanting to play “this n64 game” since there’s less and less legal and cheap ways to play them these days.

            And I could be misremembering, but I think the VC on past systems made the big legacy games available quicker (but probably not by much).

          2. I never made a comparison, just a statement, my brother owns a PlayStation console and has the same service and yet even I can agree that Sony service is also not the best I don’t know where you live but I hear people complain about it all the time around where I’m from.

  2. All these Nintendo fanboys, gettin hyped up like mountain dew. I’d be surprised if anyone from Nintendo actually reads these post, but im sure if they did they’d eat it up.

    1 port, 2 port, 3, port, 4 … Are you entitled to a N64 port per month, let me kick a free style like it’s 8 mile.
    I’ll bust out your t.v like Nintendo. Defend daddy Nintendo, my backlogs a mile long.
    One N64 port per month, this isn’t PSN where trophy hunters skip dialogue for platinum trophies. It’s not a race, one N64 port per month is enough.

  3. I’d agree with Dregan… if he wasn’t being a fucking corporate shill about it by insulting everyone unhappy. Giving me vibes similar to that of those Disney Star Wars, Amazon The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (too many god damn The’s in that title that Tolkien is rolling in his grave because of that alone (nevermind the plethora of other red flags with that show), Ghostbusters 2016 defenders. I just wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on Twitter defending that horseshit, too.

  4. Let’s remember this is a public fourm, no posting inflammatory comments or derailing the conversation. Please consult the fourm rules of conduct. Think this topic needs a moderation intervention, maybe Nintendo support (1800-255-3700) offers guidance in dealing withh trolls or perhaps a higher-up might be of help.

    Everyones entitled an opinion, some just can’t accept any opinion other than their own. Please refrain from dealing the conversation. Lets all get along, we all have a common interest in Nintendo.

    Im just your friendly neighborhood defender of public fourms

  5. No , someone told me educate myself and implied my facts are deplorable. I posted I was educated, didn’t tell anyone educate themselves.

  6. How is someone saying “i feel educated” being sarcastic or offensive. At no point did i tell anyone
    “you have beenn educated” or
    “go educate yourself”

    At no point did i say “They” or direct my post towards anyone. Maybe someone took my post personal. But i most certainly didn’t tell anyone that they have been educated. I posted
    This is very informativ, i feel very educated.

    Not sure how that’s sarcasm, if i felt educated.
    It’s only sarcasm because someone on these fourms told me “go educate yourself”

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