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Nintendo details Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack coming 25th/26th October 2021

Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pass

Nintendo has provided further details this afternoon regarding Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack which will be available from Monday 25th October (North America) / Tuesday 26th October (Europe). The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership will cost you $49.99 / £35.99 per year for individuals and $79.99 / £59.99 for the family plan. You will get access to HD Nintendo 64 games such as Super Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie and HD SEGA Mega Drive games including Streets of Rage 2 and Ristar. These classic games will include the rewind feature found in the SNES and NES games library for Nintendo Switch Online and some will feature online play with up to four players. You will also get the newly announced Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise paid DLC, coming on 5th November, for free which will see you creating and decorating various luxury resorts. If you are already subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online you can upgrade at any time to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass and you’ll receive a prorated discount based on the number of days remaining in your current membership.

Already have Nintendo Switch Online?

If you already have an annual Nintendo Switch Online membership, you will get a prorated discount for the new plan. This discount will be a bit different for each eligible member, depending on how much time you have left on your current Nintendo Switch Online membership — you’ll be able to see your unique price before purchasing the plan.

Nintendo of America trailer:

Nintendo of Europe trailer:

21 thoughts on “Nintendo details Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack coming 25th/26th October 2021”

  1. Two things Nintendo needs to clarify. 1) Do you lose access to the Animal Crossing DLC when you unsubscribe, if not , than it’s worth just buying 1 years worth if you where already getting this DLC. 2) Will we be getting other similarly price DLC as time goes on. Not everyone plays Animal Crossing, so it’ll be nice to know if other people will get this benefit down the line for their games.

    1. From the way it was worded it seems to be an actual feature of the Expansion, meaning you’ll only have access to it while your subscription is active.
      The other article said “Members can download Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise for free and play while they maintain an active membership”

      Personally I’d just buy it as a one-time payment if you’re not interested in N64 or Genesis games.

      1. Yes, you lose access to the DLC once your subscription runs out.
      2. I hope so, but you never know with Nintendo. They haven’t announced on their product page that future DLC will be free for Expansion Pass subscribers.
    2. And is the DLC available to all members under the plan, or is it just the admin? Because if people can keep the DLC after being under someone’s plan and booted out this can be a major exploit.

  2. Ouch. Nintendo are completely out of touch here

    Firstly I have zero interest in the DLC.

    The N64 games should have just been an update in the current model without an increase.

    Hard pass

      1. You do know this is a blog where people can post their opinions, right?

        Besides, the opinion that the price is too high for the content you get seems to be the consensus pretty much everywhere, including the part where they tossed in a DLC pack that some people don’t even want or need (such as myself; I don’t play New Horizons in such a way to care about what’s in that pack).

      2. Oh would you look at that. Another ignoramus with the “If you don’t like or agree with it then your opinion is invalidated” mentality. And then to top it off you ended it with “sweetie”.

        Here’s a little advice; 1. It’s the internet, anyone can say their opinion 2. Your attempt to make a condescending comment is cringy af & 3. “I literally dont think anyone asked for your opinion sweetie”. :)

  3. They need to give more content on that new plan to make it worth it for me, could add more DLCs from other first party games at the very minimum. Maybe rotate access to a free game every few months at least…

  4. I’m waiting it out. Not much there that I want right now. Once they get some more games from n64 on there I’ll bite. And where are the gbc and gb advance games, I’m more interested in those tbh

  5. This is overall disappointing, I’d be fine if they didn’t add genesis games and just increased the price $10 more. How much to ps4/ps5 owners pay yearly for ps plus?

  6. I don’t understand what all the crying is about. It’s just a lil over $4 a month which is nothing. I pay more for streaming services I barely use and I know for sure I’ll be playing a lot of these n64 games.

    1. “I don’t understand why people don’t want to add $25 more to their $20 a year subscription for Roms and below bare minumum online features.” Not to mention the incentive is $25 DLC that if you don’t pay seperately for it (THE SMART WAY) you pay $50 a year to keep the Happy Home Designer DLC that one didn’t just pay the one time fee for caus muh Banjo Kazooie.

  7. This price makes it a tough pill to swallow because Nintendo’s online offerings are so far inferior to both Xbox and PS. $80 for family plan when I can just pay $35 and get SNES and NES games included is a much better value. Actually NES Classic and SNES Classic hardware were purchases at much more valid price points. If this service had GameCube or WII titles then I’d be all over it. Pretty much every single game they’ll be including in this service can be found online and played within 2 minutes. I think Nintendo is going to be surprised by how many people do not sign up for this. And frankly, I hope they don’t.

  8. I understand the frustration, but I dont really agree with it. I get it that many dont find value in it, but you DONT have to upgrade. And yes It is an upgrade. You can still keep the current tier subscription and nothing loss or nothing gained.

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