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Retro Studios updates Twitter banner with Metroid Prime 4 art

Retro Studios have been working on bringing the next game in the beloved Metroid Prime series since the Metroid Prime 4 Bandai Namco project was disbanded. Today, the Austin-based company has updated its Twitter banner with art from the forthcoming Metroid Prime 4. With the team still seeking out various developers and employees for the project it is likely to be some ways off. Still, it’s nice to see some new teaser artwork for Metroid Prime 4.


17 thoughts on “Retro Studios updates Twitter banner with Metroid Prime 4 art”

  1. I know it’s just an image. I know Retro are still hiring key roles, so the finished game will be a while away. So I shouldn’t be remotely excited.
    Yet here I am. Excited. Over one picture.

    1. People leave all the time and head count is needed all the time. Doesnt mean the project is ways away, I’m betting it’ll come out next year. For all we know, these open positions could be for their next project.

      1. +Sickr
        I really want that rumour to be real because as someone that’s never played a Metroid Prime game, I would 100% be down to buying it.

  2. It seems like we won’t be seeing a trailer for it anytime soon since Retro Studios are at hard at work to bring in people to help out on the game. So, I’m guessing it will be release after the new Nintendo Switch successor be revealed by Nintendo perhaps? who knows.

  3. I don’t understadn why people assumes they hiring means something. Gaming companies hire all the time. Either because you project growth, people move along or you just need to boost your ranks for incoming projects.
    For example, they could just as well be working on DLC already.
    IDK, the game will definitely take a while longer to release, considering all the secrecy, but I don’t see hiring as such a hint at all.

  4. Sometimes, I wonder if the hiring thing is a front. That they are further along with development and for some reason, don’t want us to know. But that’s just me being silly, right?

  5. So they still seeking developers and employees after all these years. Yet when they finally have all the developers they need for this game, Metroid Prime 5 to start right away still won’t make sense. Had they started Prime 4 immediately after Prime 3 was completed instead if waiting damn near 2 decades all the resources would had still been at the studio.

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