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Retro Studios continuing to look for personnel for Metroid Prime 4

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It has been three years since it was announced that Retro Studios would be reimagining Metroid Prime 4 after a failed attempt by Bandai Namco. Since then the team at Retro have been recruiting various personnel to bring their vision of Metroid Prime 4 to life. Today, the Austin-based games studio tweeted that they are looking for a Tools Engineers and a Technology Engineer to join them on their journey to develop the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4. You can apply here.

29 thoughts on “Retro Studios continuing to look for personnel for Metroid Prime 4”

  1. Welp… so much for hoping for a winter release this year. Maybe they’ll do the trilogy release this autumn and BOTW2 will be the big holiday title for this year.

  2. Man it has been a while since we heard from them about Prime 4. We all know that its going to be a long while to see more details about the game soon. I’m hoping this game won’t be a completely trash like federation force.

  3. Please for the love of god don’t cancel or force this game. I want prime 4 but I dont was federation force 2.0

    1. FF XV was in development for a decade, almost a quarter of a decade is nothing for this game so take a chill pill and be patient, this game will come out when they say it’s ready and you can’t rush perfection.

      1. … Great! Now I’m even more worried now! FFXV was great at first, but as time went on, you start to realize the game could have been even better. The sad truth is sometimes something taking 10+ years to come out doesn’t always guarantee a great final product.

        โš ๏ธPotential Spoiler Warningโš ๏ธ

        ESPECIALLY when you take into account that the 3 final episodes that got canceled would have been a far better ending than what we ultimately got. Bahamut’s been in Final Fantasy for how long now & he still hasn’t been the big bad in a Final Fantasy game?

    1. See what happens when they failed to work on Metroid 4 the moment Metroid 3 was complete? Now you have to wait over 20 years for that game which is far from neat.

  4. I wonder how long dread took and if we get another 2d gabr before 4. At least give us some ports or remasters in the mean time. I don’t understand why zero mission isn’t on switch unless they’re planning a GBA switch online deal soon.

  5. Lmao, Why are people getting pressed and expecting this to release anytime soon? Nintendo already wasted a few years letting some newbies make the sequel, then finally let Retro Studios handle this as they should’ve been from the start. What are yall expecting; for them to rush this or something? This is a highly anticipated sequel to 15+ year old trilogy, and it’s gonna be the culmination of Retro’s work, no duh they’re gonna take their time on this to ensure its worth the wait. They have like everything to lose if this sequel fails.

    We already waited a decade for what seemed like an impossible announcement, we can afford to wait another decade if that’s what it takes lol. Now be patient and let them work their magic….

    1. It’s worth noting that a lot of the main people at Retro who worked on Prime games are no longer there so… It’s not 100% guarantee they’ll do good with Prime 4.

      But I liked the last two DKC games from them so maybe they’ll still do good.

      1. Of course, but I’ll still gladly take them over whatever that new team Nintendo had planned originally. Sucks that a lot of them are gone, but as long as some of them still remain I’m sure they can handle this just as well as the trilogy. Regardless, this is gonna be a major game, so I’m sure it’ll be fantastic as they can’t afford to screw this up.

  6. Perfection takes time we all know. What about a prime 1 remastered to kick things off. Ive been a metroid fan since it released on Nintendo back in 85, 86. Im just disappointed that Nintendo keeps putting off metroid but every time i turn around there’s a new Mario game or new Pokรฉmon game. They don’t seem to waste time with these games now do they. Just saying.

    1. That’s quite simple to explain, really. At any given time, Nintendo (/the Pokemon company) always have multiple teams working on different Mario games, Zelda games, Pokemon games etc., since those are the games that always sell. So they can release them more often.

      The Metroid franchise, generally speaking, doesn’t quite have that same selling power, so they are more conservative about it and have less teams developing Metroid games simultaneously. Probably literally just MercurySteam and Retro Studios in the last couple of years.

      1. Still no reason what you say, they can still start other franchises immediately to make my day. I’m here wanting to see, why they dont do no nothing immediately 15 years as can be? And when Mario or Zelda they on it as dolphins swims in the sea.

  7. Had they worked on Prime 4 immediately after Prime 3 released they wouldn’t had been in this pickle. Seeing I was right that they shouldn’t had waited 15 years has me tickled. Yet Mario and Zelda Titles come out every nickle(5 years).

  8. I wonder how long it’d take MercurySteam to give us Zero Mission, Returns, Super, & Fusion in HD. (It’d been nice if these could have came when Dread did.) I wonder which would release first: those HD re-releases, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, or Metroid Prime 4 if all were in development right now. Am I missing a Metroid game? I could swear I am. OH YEAH!!! Other M HD! And Metroid Prime Hunters! Yep! That’s all of them!

    “But what about Fed-…..” Star Wars blaster noise I said… That’s all of them. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

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