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The Pokemon Company has donated $200,000 to GlobalGiving to help with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

The Pokemon Company has generously announced that it has made a large donation to Global Giving to help provide humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine who are being invaded by the Russian military. The Pokemon Company said in a message posted to Twitter that they have made a donation of $200,000 to the nonprofit organisation which is supporting families and children who are caught up in the ongoing crisis. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and neighbouring European countries.

7 thoughts on “The Pokemon Company has donated $200,000 to GlobalGiving to help with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine”

    1. That’s hardly anything, even for middle class standards. Pokemon is the biggest and best selling franchise in the world and make hundreds of billions yearly and only give two hundred thousand? It’s a publicly stunt.

      1. Anonymous Skywalker

        Ah yes, it’s their job to donate every single cent cuz it will make them look bad if they don’t or should I say, would you like to donate that amount or do you think $5 is too much? They aren’t a charity and aren’t expected to donate, just be glad they are donating at all.

  1. Well there goes Gen 9’s budget, and possibly reversing dexit…..

    Yes, I know it’s for a good cause, before anyone jumps down my throat and trivializes the Pokemon games just because of current events.

    1. unlikely. Companies tend to have charity budgets. Especially firms this big, there would have very likely been money set aside for various causes throughout the year.

  2. Guys, it isn’t TPC’s money. The people running these organizations are not handling their own cash when they make decisions, they’re handling the cash of the shareholders, which in this case is split in multiple directions amongst other companies, which themselves are owned by a bunch of random shareholders all over the world whose money this is.

    It is neither generous, nor stingy. It isn’t generous to donate someone else’s money to a good cause. It isn’t selfish or greedy to NOT donate more of someone else’s money to a good cause.

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