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The Wii And DSi eShops have apparently been down since 16th March

Concern is starting to spark for users of the Wii and the Nintendo DSi eShops as they’ve both been down for days and the issue has not been addressed by Nintendo themselves. This has led to worry from some owners of the platforms that they will be unable to re-download any classic games for their respective systems in turn locking away a lot of digital content that people own. The Wii and the Nintendo DSi eShops have apparently been down since Wednesday, 16th March. Nintendo hasn’t specified when these digital stores will be shut down and it is feared that the Kyoto-based company could have permanently switched them off without any notification to users.


3 thoughts on “The Wii And DSi eShops have apparently been down since 16th March”

  1. I was thinking… if they take down digital storefronts, maybe they don’t have to take them down completely. Maybe you could still order games through Nintendo and idk… maybe you have to send your system in or something to download them. Sure, it’s not convenient but it’s probably still more convenient and cheaper to hunt down preowned physical copies.

    Idk… it’d be good if they could keep an option open without having to maintain the old eshops 24/7

    1. That’s what I was thinking recently. The games are “still” on there since you are allowed to download the games if you purchased them before, so why exactly can’t they continue to let people to have the option to purchase them?

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