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Taiwan: Skyrim Anniversary Edition rated for Nintendo Switch

the anniversary edition of Skyrim

It seems as though Nintendo Switch owners will finally have a chance to indulge themselves with the newer and improved Skyrim: Anniversary Edition as the game was recently rated for the platform in Taiwan. Skyrim: Anniversary Edition contains all the beloved game’s downloadable content along with support for numerous mods and even a new fishing mini game. On other platforms the Anniversary Edition is available as a paid upgrade to the original Skyrim game or available as a standalone game. Hopefully this will be the case for those of you who own the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim.


1 thought on “Taiwan: Skyrim Anniversary Edition rated for Nintendo Switch”

  1. it’s a paid upgrade kinda like an expansion. You need Skyrim and then you can pay for the upgrade or you can purchase Skyrim anniversary edition with all the creation club content. The paid upgrade was $20 on PlayStation or $50 for the stand alone game. I’d assume The Switch will be about the same.
    The creation club content was tested by Bethesta and is technically considered as additional content it’s basically the same thing it just wasn’t created by Bethesta.
    On PlayStation the anniversary edition doesn’t add any additional trophies so you can’t multi platinum Skyrim unless you upgrade to PS5 then it has a separate trophy list. Yeah, I’ve done some serious reading about the anniversary edition on numerous websites like Gamefaqs and Psnprofiles.

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