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UK charts: Mario Strikers: Battle League scores a No.1

The latest UK physical software charts have come through for the week ending June 11 and there’s a new No.1 and it’s the latest game in the Mario Strikers series, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Games Industry says that the game’s launch sales are 20% lower than Mario Golf: Super Rush and 6% lower than Mario Tennis Aces. Sales for Nintendo Switch Sports have seen a 36% drop meaning its now at No.5, but it’s good news for Kirby fans as the excellent Kirby and The Forgotten Land has re-entered the top ten at No.6 seeing a 91% sales increase. Mario Golf: Super Rush is back in the charts at No.16 with a 291% sales jump.

Last WeekThis WeekTitle
New Entry1Mario Strikers: Battle League Football
32Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
13Horizon Forbidden West
New Entry4The Quarry
25Nintendo Switch Sports
116Kirby and the Forgotten Land
47FIFA 22
88Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
69Pokémon Legends: Arceus
910Minecraft (Switch)


3 thoughts on “UK charts: Mario Strikers: Battle League scores a No.1”

  1. And for no dumb reason Nintendo waited damn near 20 years for a new Mario Strikers but can bring out a Mario Golf and Tennis on every console. When they see the results on sales and still don’t make the game immediately. Hopefully Next Level Games will make another Mario Strikers immediately and see it by the time the next generation console is 3 years old.

    1. Yeah, because a Mario Strikers game on the Wii U would have sold a lot. /s

      Seriously, I’m glad they didn’t make one for the Wii U and instead gave the franchise a rest for some years. That at least allowed Next Level Games to focus on the Luigi Mansion games in the meantime.

  2. The Quarry is amazing, imj on my 2nd playthrough. Haven’t experienced any bugs or crashes. Although 1 trophy is thought to be possibly buggued, the trophy called “hard locked” is either bugged or the requirements are still unknown. Evenn the trophy guide on Powerpyx website doesn’t have the requirements for this specific trophy and post on Psnprofiles would suggest the requirements aren’t known.

    Absolutely amazing gameplay, love the different outcomes and different possible endings similar to Until Dawn. My only complaint is how sensitive the controls are at times,, like when your given the option of picking dialogue i literally didn’t press anything it just picked an option for me.
    No spoilers, but The Quarry is definitely worth it. The QTE’s are fairy easy and the story telling is spectacular.

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