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The “super massive” update available for Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition

the super massive update for puzzle & dragons switch

The Super Massive Update for PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition is out now! This is, you guessed it, one GIANT update packed with new content… in fact, it’s our biggest yet! The update doubles the number of dungeons in Quest Mode and adds the following PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition features:

  • Achievements have been added, and players can earn a free pull from the Egg Machine for earning them. Achievements can be earned by: playing matches with new friends, clearing Nightmare Dungeons, playing a certain number of Permanent World Matches, clearing all downloaded dungeons, and more. 
  • Nightmare Dungeons, more challenging dungeons for the most experienced dungeon battlers, can be unlocked by clearing Quest Dungeon 15: A Gap in Space-Time.
  • Players that clear “Magisa Plateau” in Quest Mode will unlock the Helper Feature. After a PvP match, players can rent opponents as Helpers to fight alongside them. Rented Helpers can be used in the Quest and Custom Modes.
  • Players can now use select acquired teams in Permanent World Matches and Friend Matches.
  • The Rank Cap has been bumped up to 120, letting players flex their skills even more. 
  • Extended Dungeon Plaza expiration dates mean uploaded dungeons will now last for approximately a year before they’re removed. 
  • New Egg Machines: “Heroine Egg Machine 2,” “Dot Egg Machine,” “Dragon & Legendary Hero,” and “Pixel Egg Machine” have been added.
  • Left-handed play has been added, and, when selected, it optimizes the battle screen for left-handed players. 
  • Other bug fixes and improvements to the game have been made.

To celebrate the update, new players can pick up PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition for $1.99 USD starting August 1 through August 21 during the Summer Sale. 

Source: Gungho Online

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