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MediaTonic finally apologises for Fall Guys accidental purchases due to in-game store error

fall guys

MediaTonic, the development studio behind the hit online video game, Fall Guys, have finally apologised to users for accidental purchases which was a neferious bug in the game. Players who browsed the in-game store were accidentally purchasing items they had no intention of purchasing and were told by the support team that they wouldn’t be receiving refunds as it was the players fault. This was completely untrue and was a bug within the in-game game and MediaTonic has finally apologised for the distress it has caused some players. MediaTonic says that it is currently working on improving the in-game Fall Guys store to make sure it never happens again and all refund requests from players from Thursday, 21st June onwards are eligible for a refund. The team is also giving all players free Grandis which is a in-game reward. MediaTonic have also apologised for the awful customer service responses to customers.

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