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SEGA is apparently working hard on Sonic Origins bug fixes

Sonic Origins should have been a perfect compilation of classic 2D Sonic the Hedgehog games but it has come under fire due to a number of small bugs across all platforms. The Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Origins sounds like it was the worse affected version, but all versions have some sort of issue. Sonic the Hedgehog social media manager Katie – MiniKitty has confirmed that the team is now fully aware of the issues and that they are hard at work on fixing them for an upcoming patch. However, it is not known when the update will drop, but she says they will post an update soon on the fix list for Sonic Origins.

7 thoughts on “SEGA is apparently working hard on Sonic Origins bug fixes”

  1. While this is good news regardless, I really hope Stealth and his team Headcannon are the ones fixing the game rather than Sega’s team. Headcannon does great work and the game will be perfect if Sega gives them the opportunity to finish what Sega should have allowed them to finish in the first place.

  2. It’s stupid they decided to release the game as is and not fix the problems first and then release the game.
    First Impressions are a big deal SEGA and I’ve yet to see you acknowledge that.

  3. This game is decent, but there is a lot more needed then just bug fixes to become as good as an anniversary game needs to be, like giving the museum it’s own theme, either replacing the classic mode we have now by emulation, or atleast fixing the major problems like sonic still having spindash in sonic 1 by default while he shouldn’t have it in sonic 1 classic, removing tails his flight in sonic 2 in classic mode, adding knuckles to CD in anniversary mode sonic CD, adding sonic + tails in sonic 1 (can be done with a level select cheat so just fix a crash when getting 6th & last (not including secret special stage 7) emerald, adding the missing bosses to boss rush mode (probably gets the sonic 2 & 3 boss rush time attack reset so beating times stays possible), adding knuckles to CD in any mode exept classic, adding knuckles & tails to sonic 3 & knuckles since that in sonic 2 but not 3 makes no sense, just adding tails & knuckles in games where they were originally not or just giving knuckles + tails is not really a new playable character so this just feels like a huge scam & maybe a few more things, siriously if sega can’t even do a classic sonic game with on top of it direct fan-development, then they really need to change that or chances are they’re permanently bankrupt because of their constantly getting worse poor performance, despite not being a game Devolder myself, i still advice quiting with sonic games for a the rest of the current console generation & afterwards build it back up with first emulated ports for a let’s say 3 years to properly see what was so succesful, also during that licencing fangames that work & are popular official, then no brand new games for let’s say 5 more years, just starting with remasters & remakes & again & then creating brand new games again, i don’t mean / intend anything, it’s just some neccesary advice because as it goes now, ifnthis doesn’t change soon, the official side of the franchise is just gonna die to much for prevent getting bankrupt in i bet 10 years from now or less, i don’t mean / intend to be rude, but so far this anniversary has only been slightly better then the 15th anniversary because of rise of the wisps, but if frontiers fails, then not only will this anniversary be even worse then the 15th anniversary, but frontiers is so much of a last chance that if this fails the franchise it’s gaming side is doomed beyond repair & i’m extremely worried about the franchise, i love origins, it’s decent but not me into CD & made me like sonic 2’s special stages but not gonna lie i was told there was no need to worry before origins was out because headcannon was involved, turns out of was not exactly like of worried but still close to it

  4. From what I heard, the programming is a complete mess. It might have been better to wait a bit longer before putting this one out.
    One modder gave up on trying to add some quality of life mods because of how bad the program is.

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