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Headcannon team not happy with state of Sonic Origins

sonic origins digital deluxe edition from sega

Sonic Origins was released yesterday to decent reviews and it contained HD versions of the classic 2D Sonic the Hedgehog games which appeared on the SEGA Mega Drive system. The Sonic CD remaster was developed by Christian Whitehead using his Retro Engine and Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 were developed by Christian Whitehead and Headcannon Games. Back in April Headcannon stated that they had helped with the remastered Sonic 3 & Knuckles then a few month’s later we found out the Sonic Origins project was developed in-house at SEGA. However, Headcannon developer Simon Thomley (aka Stealth) has spoken up about his disappointment in the finished product on Twitter. Here’s what he said:

“This is frustrating. I won’t lie and say that there weren’t issues in what we gave to Sega, but what is in Origins is also not what we turned in.

“Integration introduced some wild bugs that conventional logic would have one believe were our responsibility – a lot of them aren’t.

“Regarding Origins, we were outsiders creating a separate project that was then wrangled into something entirely different. We knew going in that there would be a major time crunch and we worked ourselves into the ground to meet it just so this would even be made and released.

“Again, I can take responsibility for my and my team’s mistakes, and there were some. Some actual mistakes, some overlooking, some rushjobs, some stuff we noticed but weren’t allowed to correct near the end. It’s absolutely not perfect and some of it is from us. It’s complicated.

“I’m extremely proud of my team for their performance under such pressure, but every one of us is very unhappy about the state of Origins and even the Sonic 3 component. We weren’t too thrilled about its pre-submission state either but a lot was beyond our control.

“We asked to do major fixes near submission but weren’t allowed due to submission and approval rules. We asked about delays early and repeatedly but were told they weren’t possible.

“We offered to come back for post-release fixes and updates – we do not yet know if this is happening.”


16 thoughts on “Headcannon team not happy with state of Sonic Origins”

  1. The strange world...of Stranga

    “To be this good, takes Sega”…more like to be this BAD. Headcannon deserves better allies than those incompetent at Sega.

    Credit to Sega, no matter what, they always find a way to f**k over its fans.

  2. And this is why I have zero faith in Sonic Frontiers. The broken mess we saw revealed about a month ago is probably close to the finished product and they won’t take the time to complete the game or fix it afterwards. Its sad how little they care about their fans and the integrity of their products. Its a shame too, especially when they have talented people like Stealth who not only have the ability to make quality Sonic games, but the desire to deliver a finished product. I just don’t get Sega…

  3. Gosh, if ONLY they had a similar experience with a botched release of a glitchy Sonic remaster, like Sonic Colors or something, so they could learn from it.

  4. As soon as I heard that Origins was an in-house project rather than Christian Whitehead and/or Headcannon, I knew to be very afraid. Sega have not been fit custodians for Sonic as a video game franchise for a very long time. They don’t understand the franchise, and they are continually releasing unfinished products. When I played the amazing Sonic Mania, I thought wow, Sonic is back. But unfortunately, it’s clear at this stage that I was wrong about that, Sonic Mania was a flash in the pan, and it seems like the relationship between Sega, Taxman and Stealth has broken down now so I think we can go back to thinking that Sonic is dead. My bet is that Freedom Planet 2 will look more like the sequel to Mania we want than anything Sega can do.

  5. I bet it was sabotage so that Sonic Team can pin the blame on headcannon and have an excuse to not hire them on any future projects. Sonic Mania made them look extremely bad when it was followed up by Sonic Forces, and judging by Frontier’s footage they continue to be incompetent.

      1. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened either. SEGA ofJapan was jealous over the US’s branch in the 90’s, which ended in them saboting their US branch and played a part in them leaving the console race. If SEGA of Japan can’t be successful with Sonic then no one can.

        1. Softlock, essentially, is when it becomes impossible to exit a scenario in a game without quitting, perhaps even requiring shutting off the system. The game hasn’t crashed, per se, but it’s no longer playable, no longer functions.

        2. As an example.

          Imagine you’re playing a 2D mario. There’s a little pit in the road. You drop into the pit and run to the other side to jump out. Instead, you hit an invisible block. You get a coin, but there’s a block there now. So you try and jump at a different point in the pit but oh, there’s an invisible block there too. In fact, there’s invisible blocks across the entirety of the pit you dropped down, and since falling down doesn’t activate invisible blocks in Mario, but jumping up from beneath does, there isn’t actually a way to leave the pit now. You are sealed into an empty space, with indestructible blocks on all four sides. You can’t even die because there aren’t any enemies or hazards in the pit. You can do nothing.

          Soft lock.

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