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No Man’s Sky for Nintendo Switch footage has leaked online

logo for switch version of no man's sky

No Man’s Sky is one ambitious Nintendo Switch port everyone is eager to see done well. The original game, which launched in 2016, didn’t run particularly great on the PlayStation 4 at the time, due to it being a such a large game giving players the chance to explore hundreds of procedurally created planets, full of deadly hazards and intriguing lifeforms while searching for and harvesting resources. The Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky is due out 7th October and in-game footage has already found its way online, and it doesn’t look too bad. Check out the leaked footage for No Man’s Sky down below, and as always wait for reviews.

12 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky for Nintendo Switch footage has leaked online”

  1. The game looks and runs fantastic on the Steam Deck way above what I expected it’s hardware to be able to handle. If they can optimize it to such a level to run great on the Switch as well, it’s going to be a must on on there as well.

  2. I know this technically isn’t related to the leak but if you have an hour to spare, watch Internet Historian’s video on No Man’s Sky if you haven’t already. In my opinion it’s gaming’s biggest redemption arc and even when I re-watch it I find it makes my jaw drop.

      1. That was one aspect, but it didn’t run perfectly straight away at launch on the base PS4. The main point I was trying to get across without droning on is that it’s a very ambitious port to get running on a system like the Switch and therefore to wait for review/analysis before parting with money.

      2. There’s….literally video footage of No Man’s Sky on release on how bad it played. Either you’re trolling or you’re just ignorant.

  3. NMS for Switch looks bad. Even though this might be fake footage, this game has terrible textures, effects, and anti-aliasing. And the game looks like it runs at 15 FPS. The logical way for releasing this NMS on a Nintendo platform is that it needs to utilize AMD FSR for better graphics and performance and reach a minimum frame rate of 30, or the devs for NMS should wait for new Switch hardware to come next year or so.

  4. Even if this is fake footage, NMS has poor anti-aliasing, textures, effects, and frame rates on Switch. It looks like the game targets at least 20 FPS with a resolution of 540p. I would either wait for AMD FSR embedded into this game for better performance and graphics, or wait for next-gen Switch hardware.

  5. Steven Clifford Antcliff

    @Christopher I was talking to the content creator hense ‘journalist’. There’s nothing trollish in disagreeing with the main opening ‘opinion as fact’. Anecdotally the game ran perfect for me on day 1 launch. There were issues with blueprints for pre order customers but on the whole the game ran without crashing or bugs. Have a read of this article from launch week and pay attention to the final paragraph if you wish.

    1. First off; Learn to use the reply function.
      Secondly; Internet Historian literally showed footage backing up his statements about No Man Sky’s Launch, how is he a bad journalist?
      Also, if you think the backlash was just about the glitches, you’re wrong.

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