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Japan: Animal Crossing New Horizons now all-time best selling game

animal crossing: new horizons characters

Animal Crossing New Horizons is well over 2 years old now. Ever since its release, the game has proven time and time again to be a major sales success for Nintendo. In fact, there has been a new example of this, courtesy of Japan.

Game Data Library has released a tweet showing sales data that confirms that Animal Crossing New Horizons has now sold 10,450,000 units in Japan, making it the all-time best selling game in the country. You can see the tweet, including a chart of the sales data, down below..

10 thoughts on “Japan: Animal Crossing New Horizons now all-time best selling game”

  1. Still sucks that they didn’t try to invest more into this game I remember during the pandemic they were claiming that they would continue to update the game alot, only for them to drop like 2 okayish updates and 1 big update and completely ending it, game would have definitely benefited more if they focus more on fun factor than design factor.

    1. I don’t understand that approach Every other popular game has been getting updates. I wonder if this tactic to loyal fans, many whom have played since GameCube( myself included) will effect the sales of any New AC in the future.

      1. I think it will tbh they’ll have to pull out the stops in order to get some of the older audience back into it as for me and if anyone has guess by my pfp by now, it’s pretty easy to know I’ll be getting the next installment.

    2. I was never into designing things which seems to be the only appeal of the franchise now, so Idk if I’ll bother getting the next title even if it does seem to bring back some of the features.

      1. If you ask me the game just needs more fun appeal new leaf already had a couple of mini games and added two games during it’s last big update, which imo made that game last alot longer than the other games in the series, they also really need to work on dialogue more as well like I don’t even talk to my villagers anymore because they recycle through the same 10 dialogue lines almost everyday, it wasn’t much of a problem in past games but it’s so much more notable in new horizons.

        1. Heavily agree on those minigames, those were so much fun when I would play those. When my friends would invite me over to their islands I didn’t know what to do besides tell them I thought how some of their decorations were neat and check what their stores had to sell. Besides that there wasn’t really anything we could do together that couldn’t have been in texts, so it just gave me a really empty and melancholic feeling.

  2. Interesting list, seeing Animal Crossing No.1 One of my favorite games

    Kinda surprised seeing Dragon Quest so far down the list.

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