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It looks like GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has sold around 14 million copies

grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition

Tweak Town has been looking through data supplied by Take-Two, the publisher behind Grand Theft Auto games, and have discovered that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition may have sold around 14 million copies, despite its disastrous launch. Take-Two also revealed that the long-running Grand Theft Auto series has now sold an incredible 385 million units.

“Our findings indicate that the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition games may have sold as many as 4 million copies from June – September. If accurate, this would bring the trilogy remaster sales above 14 million.”



5 thoughts on “It looks like GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has sold around 14 million copies”

  1. I haven’t experienced any issues with the GTA Definitive Edition and I’ve had it since day one release. I know others have experienced bugs and glitches, guess im one of the fortunate players who hasn’t experienced any issues. Can’t wait unit GTA 6 releases. Not a fan of GTA online probably just play the 1p campaign.

      1. I’ve played the definitive edition Switch and PlayStation edition, the only bug(s) I’ve encounterd was an off map exploit where my vehicle was underneath the map. Nothing game breaking where i couldn’t just load my save or an auto save. The off map exploit was a one time thing, it’s not like the definitive editions unplayable.

  2. I never bothered with these versions since i own the original versions on Steam and i just use the silent patch to play them.

    But considering they pretty much killed the old versions from all storefronts, i guess that’s the only (legit) option for newcomers to play these games now….

  3. Rockstar removed the classic GTA games from the digital marketplace they removed it from the Steam Store, The PlayStation Store and The Rockstar Store to make room for the GTA definitive edition. The Definitive edition is just more polished with enhanced graphics, draw distance, they added an auto save feature and improved controls. The controls are similar to GTA 5, and your character isn’t as sluggish. The classic GTA games your character feels like your controlling a tank even when walking.

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