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Sakurai would like Kid Icarus Uprising on a Nintendo home console

The ever lovable Masahiro Sakurai has spoken in a recent video about his excellent Nintendo 3DS game Kid Icarus Uprising. The game itself was brilliant, but it was ultimately let down by the finicky controls which were unwieldily on the Nintendo 3DS system. He says that he would love to see the game on a Nintendo home console and hints that he really wants someone to port it. Interestingly, we heard a few months back that Bandai Namco had been contracted to work on a Nintendo remaster or remake for a 3D action game, so who knows? Perhaps a Kid Icarus Uprising port for Nintendo Switch could be in the works at the moment.

“It sure would be nice to play Kid Icarus: Uprising on a home console. I wonder if someone out there will ever port it? *grin* “

Masahiro Sakurai

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11 thoughts on “Sakurai would like Kid Icarus Uprising on a Nintendo home console”

  1. I loved the game on 3DS, with my only complaint being with the controls. I would happily buy Uprising again on Switch with an updated control scheme. Hopefully with motion aiming. And with the 3DS eShop closing way too prematurely, an HD port for Switch would still allow people to get their hands on it without resorting to, well, piracy.

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