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Sakurai acknowledges requests for Kid Icarus sequels & remakes but says it would be difficult

Masahiro Sakurai, best known as creator of the Super Smash Bros. and Kirby franchises, recently celebrated an anniversary by tweeting “2012 Kid Icarus: Uprising released today!!” along with acknowledgement of requests for remakes of the title and sequels from fans. The respected game designer mentioned that creating such things would be challenging by simply saying “We have received many requests for sequels and remakes, but it will be difficult … The new design of the pit is a spin-off of the one made with “Smash Bros. X”.

Sakurai is known for working incredibly hard on the projects he’s assigned to create – Smash Bros. being the most prolific – so who knows where his talents will be spent when the all-star brawler franchise wraps up for good. But back in 2018, he mentioned that a modern port for ‘Uprising would be very unlikely, but perhaps a Kid Icarus title designed solely for Switch would be more in the realms of possibilty.


14 thoughts on “Sakurai acknowledges requests for Kid Icarus sequels & remakes but says it would be difficult”

  1. Bold of you to assume Smash will end when Sakurai stops working on it. Kirby continued when Sakurai stopped working on Kirby.

  2. Step 1: Take BOTW
    Step 2: cut out Link
    Step 3: Paste Kid Icarus
    Step 4: Make it better than Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

    Oh so hard, my health is in such bad shape…all of this cutting and this pasting…ugh.

    1. That’s actually how i would like it to be. Immortals is already a pretty good solution for me though. If they brought over the combat from uprising it would be better.

      Despite the clunky controls on 3ds, when you got the hang of it they were pretty fast and fluid, they would be helped with motion controls too.

  3. It didn’t sell very well. It isn’t that it would be hard, it would actually be very easy. Its that it isn’t worth doing when they could use those employees to work on a game that will sell.

    Fans never like that answer very much though, so we get this line instead. I did my part. I bought a copy, as well as that 3DS second circle pad. Ended up getting stolen out of my apartment from a break in. So yeah, I personally would like a remake, but I certainly don’t blame Ninty for not remaking a game that underperformed.

    1. It didn’t sell well because the controls were horrible and you needed attachments to enjoy the game. I’m sure if they ported it to the switch and prettied up the graphics, audio and mapped all the controls properly on a switch controller it would be amazing

      1. Speculation. Maybe good speculation, but speculation just the same. They could invest in a failed product based on that speculation, or put those same employees on a game that is virtually assured to perform at least as well, if not better.

        I don’t disagree with you, I really don’t. Its just a lot easier to stake the claim when you’re not spending the money.

      2. Or just make a new game that is better inherently suited for Switch? There are enough ports and remasters already that’s stopping new games from being developed and released for the system.

    2. Christian Paredes (formerly Quadraxis)

      The worst part is that it was advertised as “the new game from super smash bros creator” on various stores where I live and that didn’t help the sales.

      They should give the franchise to other team and let the man work on whatever he wants, he deserves it after all the hard work on SSB.

  4. Great game. Horrible control scheme. It crippled my L button.

    I feel like a touchscreen-less port could totally work, especially if they incorporated gyro.

  5. Kid icarus is at the back of the queue with captain Falcon unfortunately.
    One day they’ll hopefully blow off the dust and treat the hardcore fans with these great franchises

  6. That’s okay, Sakurai. I’m sure people will figure out how to create their own.

    You do you and we’ll do us, just as you did with Rex in Smash. But thanks for bringing back the cut veterans and adding Ridley and Banjo-Kazooie.

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