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Sakurai Says That A Modern Port For Kid Icarus: Uprising Is Unlikely

EDGE magazine has run a feature with Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai to talk all about the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well as some of his previous projects. One Nintendo 3DS game which a lot of you enjoyed was Kid Icarus Uprising which was a feature packed game with tricky controls. Mr. Sakurai told the publication that a new port would be unlikely.

“I could say that this was close to becoming the most difficult project in my entire career, both in terms of the team and the hardware. The team I had gathered differed greatly in culture and ways of thinking, so there was always confrontation. In addition, back when we were developing the game, we still couldn’t make full use of the power of Nintendo 3DS. Some improvements in aspects such as the middleware were made later on, but since the game was being made in the initial stages of Nintendo 3DS development, we had a really hard time doing what we wanted to. For example, I only found out that the Circle Pad Pro was going to be coming out when it was announced to the public by Nintendo. I wanted to make the game support this properly if I could, but this was impossible due to performance-related reasons. As a game in general, it’s rich in content and enjoyable, and people have even asked for a modern port. However, I don’t think this will be possible.”


11 thoughts on “Sakurai Says That A Modern Port For Kid Icarus: Uprising Is Unlikely”

  1. Then make a new one !! Uprising was great if a little clunky with the controls but once u got used to it the game was great. Just expand on uprising the formula was good and collecting different weapons had that addictive quality that kept me coming back and trying the stages at different levels was cool. Kid icarus has so much potential left

      1. They’d have to adjust a lot to make it work like that though. The stylus is much faster to aim with than a traditional control stick. Gameplay would have to be slowed down to account for the delayed reactions of a control stick.

        Only way I could see it working is using the Joycon like you would a stylus.

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  3. Kid Icarus: Uprising was such a bad game. I hated everything about it. From the hectic button smashing gameplay to the overall concept of making Kid Icarus from an epic adventure game to a mindless shooting/button smashing game. Kid Icarus would be so much better if they made something like a Zelda (-> adventure game).

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