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Rumour: Persona Central Writer Says Sources Say Persona 5 Is Switch Bound

The announcement of Joker from the Persona franchise as downloadable content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate took many of us by surprise when it was announced during The Game Awards 2018. One of the writers for fan site Persona Central claims that they “have it on good authority from multiple sources” that Persona 5 is Nintendo Switch bound. The Nintendo Switch version of the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 title “contains adjustments to the game, add new aspects to the scenario, amongst other requested additions.” The game is rumoured to be scheduled for 2019 and will apparently be announced on the day that Joker becomes available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Thanks to Paidenthusiast for the news tip

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23 thoughts on “Rumour: Persona Central Writer Says Sources Say Persona 5 Is Switch Bound”

  1. Well, I already have it for PS4.

    So, for me to double dip, it would need to have something intriguing to it. I don’t care about graphic quality as that rarely ever influences my decision.

        1. While I admit it shouldn’t be a political issue and being gay or straight shouldn’t really matter, it sadly is a political issue. Maybe one day all of this PC bullshit won’t be necessary as everyone will have stopped obsessing over what makes us all different and realize our differences are silly things to fight over.

      1. I simply don’t like stuff like that being forced into stuff. It’s like when people wanted Captain America to get a boyfriend even when he’s been a straight man in every piece of media he’s been in.

        Nothing wrong with being gay in itself, but I hate established characters being changed to suit someone’s agenda.

        1. I’m with you there as I’ve been having some grievances with PC Culture for a couple of months now. I use to think people getting upset over PC Culture was annoying but it’s hard to ignore that PC Culture is becoming just as toxic as the very things they are against lately. I’m all for these things to be in games, movies, etc, but I don’t think they should be added just for the sake of adding it. If they can squeeze this stuff in without beating people over the head with it, I’m good. Too many companies trying to add this stuff in their movies, TV shows, etc of established franchises are trying to make the new movie, TV show, etc entry in a franchise revolve around these things at the cost of other stuff like story or character development. And if you don’t like these things being shoved down your throat, then you are the problem and must be a racist or something. Smart move, CBS, Lucasfilms, etc! Attack the very people you should be trying to win over! Such a great way to get these people to buy or watch your shit! Unless someone is showing they are, in fact, a racist or whatever, it’s stupid to smack customers with such words just because you don’t want to actually listen to the criticisms people are having.

        2. Oh & in the case of Captain America, it’s called creating a brand new character who happens to be gay & then have him gain similar powers and take on the Captain America mantle. Or if you want a female Captain America, the same rule applies: create a new character that gains the Captain America mantle and has similar powers. Oh & DON’T RUSH IT!! You got to ease people into the new character taking the mantle. People will be adamantly against it if they become Captain America in the same freaking comic they first appeared in! Least Falcon was in the comics long before he took the Captain America mantle for a time.

      2. This 100000000x. Instead of creating their own LGBT heroes and heroines, they want to mess with already established ones. Something that’s forced down people’s throats is harder to accept.

      3. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

        Ridley and sential said it best. For most people the problem is when it is forced by mainstream media (and news) all the time. People don’t like it when they change a major part of an established character. (It’s not forced if it was the original vision or a new character). A lot of people wouldn’t even consider it an issue if the game/press didn’t push there agenda all the time as the majority of people only care if it’s a good game.

  2. Doubt this, but would be cool if true…would be the first mainline persona game on a ninty console considering majority of the series has been ps only.

  3. I hope it comes to Switch but would not belive in this rumor. I have already been bummed two times. First with the fake grinch leak and second with the Sweden retailer leak about Metroid, so I don’t want to be disappointed again.

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