Nintendo Applies for Metroid: Other M And Super Mario Galaxy Trademarks

Japanese Nintendo is reporting this evening that Nintendo has applied for some trademarks regarding its intellectual properties. The two trademarks are for Wii games, the controversial Metroid: Other M and the acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy. These are for purposes including ‘video game program’, ‘downloadable video game program’, and ‘program for smartphone’. 



        1. The only issues I had with gameplay was the wall jump as they made it a little too easy and the missiles being relegated to 1st person view that kept us from moving when using them. Anyway, except for the exploration and the two things I had issue with, the gameplay felt like an evolution to me. When we get a Metroid game that has the 3D exploration of Metroid Prime, the cool finishers of Other M (relegated to mini-boss level common enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses), & the option of playing in 3rd or 1st person mode, it’ll be the best Metroid ever.

      1. me too… i truly loved other M. I have it for my wii an bought the digital one for the wiiu too. I don’t see why so many people giving OTHER M such a hard time.

      2. Agreed Other M wasn’t that bad as people made it seem far as gameplay goes…i kinda enjoy. I can’t defend that story though and the bastardization of samus character. Which was probably why the game was so hated among the fanbase.

      3. I agree, the problems with the game are fewer then the nitpickers say. The gameplay is what matters and although it is not a traditional Metroid game, it is a good Metroidvania.

  1. Most ppl don’t like other m but I didn’t think it was too bad honestly lol Samus was a little whiny and definitely no badass but the gameplay was decent. I would buy both on virtual console. Not sure about remasters or anything. Kind of tired of the regular pricing for old games

  2. Honestly, I’d rather get a remake of Other M. It shouldn’t be too hard to add all new cutscenes, voice-over lines, & the like for the story and characters while keeping everything else of the game the same. After all, the gameplay was pretty awesome. The only thing of the gameplay I’d honestly change is the first person view being relegated to being able to use missiles. If it was me remaking it, I’d add an option in settings that let you play the game either in 3rd or 1st person throughout and fixed it to where missiles are set to some other button for firing. Unlike the Wiimote, the Switch controllers have tons of more buttons you can use to assign certain actions to so just attach missiles to one of those buttons.

  3. This is most likely for the shield tablet in China so I wouldn’t get excited about anything Switch related.

  4. Oh, I’d love them bringing back Mario Galaxy for switch, I have never played it so it will be my chance ^^

  5. Kind of random but,,,
    there are lots of “mother” euphemisms and references in this game, like mother brain, malissa being a clone MB… Even the game abbreviates to MOM… and MOther (if the first 2 letters are abbreviated). I also think the “Other M” part means “Other Mother”…

  6. I first read this as “Nintendo apologizes for Metroid Other M”, which would have made more sense!

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