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Reggie Fils-Aime: DLC Characters For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will Be “Unique, Different”

The Joker Persona 5 reveal for the upcoming downloadable content for Super Smash Bros Ultimate was completely unexpected and thankfully it wasn’t spoiled before the event like some other titles. IGN caught up with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to get some idea of Masahiro Sakurai’s thinking for the rest of the downloadable characters that will join the fight. Fils-Aime was also quizzed about whether we could see Persona 5 come to the Nintendo Switch. Read on for his response. 

“It’s emblematic of the approach that Mr. Sakurai and the team are taking with the DLC,” Fils-Aime told IGN. “He wants characters that are unique, different, to bring them into the Smash Bros. environment. So it’s going to be tremendously exciting.”

“Mr. Sakurai, he’s not only a student of Nintendo franchises, and obviously he’s had his hand in a few, but he’s a student of video games from a total perspective,” Fils-Aime said. “And so he’s been the driver in really thinking about what type of character coming into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would bring just a whole different level of fun and enjoyment for the player. That’s been the approach. That’s the thinking.”

“I hope the fans are excited by the announcement of Joker. I hope they’re looking forward to the future announcements,” he added. “I hope it gives them confidence to just go buy the Fighter Pass. That way they can get the latest fighter as soon as it’s available and continue building out their roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

“You know, I can’t comment on [Persona 5 Switch] that. Again, from our perspective, we’ve been clear. We want all the best content on our platform. All the best content, all the best developers. And so our job is to continue growing the install base for Nintendo Switch to drive engagement of our players, to grow the audience. As that happens, then developers see the opportunity,” he said.


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    1. That would be a cool game mode, where you can play as M.H. or Giga Bowser (or any of the other new bosses).

    1. As I don’t play persona games I didn’t really know who he was lol I can’t say I’m hyped in the slightest for him.but it’s good, they have to add that P5 game to switch now I feel …

    1. Oh and more content added to Smash through updates would be nice. A stadium mode that lets you play Break the Targets, Board the Platforms, Smash Run, Home Run Sandbag, Smash Tour, & other fun modes that haven’t returned from past games. OH & add some trivia to the spirits like the ones Trophies had! I was disappointed when I checked out the spirits and saw there was no little summary of who the character is & a list of the few games they’ve appeared in.

  1. After playing this and looking at lots of it I found out there is no stadium mode! No sandbag or targets and no 8 player that WiiU has got! … This isn’t the ultimate game in series … Still I f**king love it :p

    1. 8-player Smash is in – just now you just access it in the normal “Smash” mode. In fact 8-player Smash is greatly improved from the Wii U version, with no restrictions on what stages you can go to. I’ve set up a “Chaos” ruleset with high items, stage morph, and final smash charging for maximum amusement. Do 8-way Ice Climbers on the smallest stages you can find for maximum entertainment value.

  2. I still have my fingers crossed for Shantae. Viva la Shantae!
    Also, it won’t happen, but Kat and Anna would be a cool duo.

  3. I would LOVE to see Bub & Bob from Bubble Bobble. They are true retro characters that have appeared on many Nintendo consoles. They have history, and would have such a colourful move set. They would play similar like Ice Climbers. If you’re unsure of who they are Google “Bubble Bobble or Bust-A-Move”. These cute lil dragon bastards deserve to see Smash.

    1. Unfortunately, they have a rather limited catalog of moves. However, they would make great Assist Trophies. You could even incorporate the fact that they turn the monsters they pop into fruit.

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