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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet now fastest-selling games in Nintendo history

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been available for 5 days, which means that we’re beginning to get our first insight into how the games are selling. Although the quality of the new generation of Pokemon depends significantly on who you’re talking to, and the game’s technical performance is not a smooth experience, the sales are suggesting that this is likely another major sales success for the Pokemon franchise.

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have sold 10,000,000 copies worldwide in just 3 days, making them the fastest-selling games in Nintendo history. According to Nintendo, 4,050,000 of those copies were sold in Japan alone.

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15 thoughts on “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet now fastest-selling games in Nintendo history”

  1. Very well done, these games are truly great, and well worth playing despite the issues, in fact the issues do add a good amount of rough to the smooth, so everyone’s going to have a great time no matter what, and who doesn’t need a good laugh or two while having fun at the same time, this game is priceless gold 😁

  2. Welp look’s like despite having poor FPS drops, bad graphic quality and various bugs hasn’t stopped Pokemon Violet and Scarlet from selling. This just proves that Pokemon will sell regardless of being a polished game and what the negative nancys post. But have fun writing a list of pros and cons, because apparently no one seems to care about incoherent rants pointing out every small detail. Sorry for not sugarcoating, 10 million units not bad for an un polished game with poor FPS and bad graphic quality. Oh wait, no one really cares.

    1. The sales are less about the game its self and more about the size of the franchise at this point. I doubt those 10 million waited for a review before preordering/purchasing on launch.

      My personal theory is that this gen was earmarked for a ‘switch pro’ that was then delayed for whatever reasons. COUGH Steam deck /COUGH But the game launched anyway because, well you made a game and you want your investment back.

      1. My theory is, if it was truly that bad then Game Freak and Nintendo would be giving refunds and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would get de listed from the Eshop until it was updated and/or patched. You know similar to how Cyberpunk got de listed, and Cd Projekt Red had a class action lawsuit for misrepresentation for financial gain for fale advertisement and telling investors Cyberpunk was in a playable state even tho they advertised Pc footage as console footage at press conferences and lied and said “Cyberpunk is in a playable state”

        Nowadays having an un polished game at release that needs updated and/or patched because of bugs, glitches, exploits or whatever is to be expected. Game Freak might have wanted holiday sales, but more then likely they already set a scheduled release date and told the press, magazines and websites and was trying to stick with it and not delay the official release.

        1. They should hire you for your PR the way you’re defending all the mess like they’re already cutting you a check. Meanwhile, people like you will give this kind a nonsense a whole pass while dogging other games for less. That says it all.

      2. The Pandemic and component shortages is the reason the Switch Pro ( et la ), was delayed. Pokémon shall be patched and more shall buy and enjoy.


  3. None of the issues in this game are game breaking, just visual things, like things in the background stuttering, or the occasional camera clip through the mesh or other frame performance related things. I was bothered by it when I started playing because it was messing with my eyes, but now I don’t even really notice it anymore, because the actual gameplay, the thing that matters the most; is easily the most fun I’ve had playing Pokémon ever. I haven’t become bored yet and that’s saying something.

    The graphics aren’t great, but compared to the other Pokémon games I’ve played, sans Snap; they are the best. They are bright, and the Pokémon models and animations look great, they have so much more personality now. Anyone who refuses to play this game now because of these mostly minor performance issues is honestly just only hurting themselves by being denied an genuinely fun experience with a game.

    Also, these issues can definitely be fixed by a patch, they really aren’t that bad, and like I said, I’ve encountered absolutely nothing game breaking in the game, and I have beaten it, so I’d say if something like that was going to occur it would have done so already.

  4. Understand this, my opinions aren’t paid like some paid review or some suit and tie. Im enjoying Pokemon Violet and Scarlet for what it is, not for what it can be. Anyone who expected a launch without bugs or exploits was only kidding themselves and this is obviously there 1st game. Im a real gamer, not some frat boy with paid opinions and some fancy suit and tie that makes me look official. Im not gonna sugarcoat the truth, i don’t just state stuff as fact and in not the voice of the people or some fruity pebble who wears neon colors. Im not a pencil pusher, im just your everyday typical random gamer.

    And that’s the bottom line.

    1. I expect a triple A modern game to not look like crap and not have distracting bugs. Just because it was expected that Pokémon Company would rush the game out for the holidays doesn’t mean that’s a valid excuse. Pokémon Company is not an indie dev trying to make the most out of their limited money, they don’t deserve that same slack like you are giving them here. Small bugs and exploits existing deep within games is one thing, but all of these bugs and exploits are right in your face. They are a distraction.

      “and this is obviously there 1st game”. You are either trolling, having a little gaff and a guffaw, or you’re not thinking straight. This is not the first video game from this company, are you serious?????? They are a multibillion dollar company. You cannot be serious with this.

      Look, I can understand pushing aside glitches and overall lack of polish for one’s own enjoyment, I did the same for my first playthrough of Sonic Frontiers, but pretending like these issues don’t exist and don’t affect anything is ludicrous. Don’t be a blind fanboy like that. Acknowledge faults and accept criticism of your favorite properties. You can still both enjoy the games and accept criticism

  5. I think I get it now. Pokemon is like a religion to some people. It can do no wrong. It has the right to ask whatever it wants from it’s followers. It’s followers can’t demand for it to be better; they should already be grateful. Any criticism against it is merely persecution based on pure malice. Oh yeah… and you can prove your a more devout follower compared to peers by buying both versions which is just giving double the money for the same thing.

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