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UK Black Friday: Nintendo Switch bundle accounted for 42% of consoles sold, Xbox Series S 40%

Nintendo's 2022 Black Friday deal with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The best-selling video game console of Black Friday 2022 in the United Kingdom was narrowly won by the lucrative Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe console bundle which included a 3 month Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The Nintendo Switch bundle accounted for 42% of consoles sold during Black Friday 2022, while the Xbox Series S accounted for 40% of all consoles sold during Black Friday 2022. However, Nintendo Switch sales are currently down year on year in the biggest games market in Europe, though the console did launch back in March 2017.

Console hardware volumes over Black Friday week are similar to last year and Switch was again No.1. However, overall Switch volumes are way down over Black Friday 2021, as both Sony and Microsoft also targeted Black Friday week with tempting offers.”

GfK boss Dorian Bloch

“Black Friday 2022 was slightly bigger than it was last year (up 4%). It is the eighth biggest Black Friday, out of the ten that have taken place in the UK so far.”

Games Industry


3 thoughts on “UK Black Friday: Nintendo Switch bundle accounted for 42% of consoles sold, Xbox Series S 40%”

  1. Apparently the PS5 accounted for only 18% or less during the Black Friday 2022 sales. Kinda surprising considering they’re becoming more readily available and are more common nowadays. Especially with the GoW bundles, Horizon Forbidden West bundle or the standard bundles being readily available including an extra controller and headset for £664.99

  2. Xbox Series S for under £200 is a great little deal, no wonder the Xbox sold so well (note 40% is actually for the whole Xbox platform i.e. both Series X and Series S). Great to see Nintendo and Microsoft doing well, looking forward to getting a Series X too, with Game Pass it’s just a way more tantalising prospect for me than Playstation.

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