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First Sonic Prime episode will debut on Roblox before Netflix

Streaming service Netflix has stated that the first episode of their new animated Sonic Prime show will make its debut in the creative game Roblox this Saturday before the series kicks off on Netflix. You can join the virtual premier event in-game on Roblox on Saturday, 10th December at 7am PT / 3pm UK time. The first season of Sonic Prime will be available exclusively on Netflix on Thursday, 15th December.

11 thoughts on “First Sonic Prime episode will debut on Roblox before Netflix”

    1. Wait you didn’t know, sorry your not in the know any more, I mean wàs just recently told by Nintendo that they will release half of the Mario movie in the April Mario kart tour update.

      1. I actually wonder if that movie is going to be on the eShop when they start selling the DVDs, or if Nintendo will start their own streaming service when they start making more movies.

        1. I’m 100% sure at some point Nintendo will create a streaming service and they probably lock it to nso just to get people into using it they already have ovas, and shorts, and the they do have an animation site now.

  1. This will no doubt give incentive to login to Roblox, or .. Just wait until the episodes uploaded on YouTube, you know whatever works. But seriously, i like the picture they used for the promotional event with the date and time.

  2. I don’t play Roblox, dislike it. I just watch on Youtube, because you just know someone will upload this whole first-episode-on-Roblox thing on Youtube before its taken down.

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