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Final Fantasy 1-6 pixel remasters rated for Nintendo Switch and PS4

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collections for Switch, PS4 and PC

The Final Fantasy 1-6 Pixel Remasters appear to be coming to both the Nintendo Switch and Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. The games have recently been rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and were given a Teen rating due to “fantasy, violence, and partial nudity” according to the listing. Square Enix has yet to announce the pixel remasters for consoles and they are currently available on iOS and Android.

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5 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 1-6 pixel remasters rated for Nintendo Switch and PS4”

  1. That’s really cool. I’m still wondering if we’ll get the XIII trilogy on switch at some point. It’s he only one that’s been left out thus far. Yeah it’s not great but still would be nice to have the option to have it on the platform.

  2. Square Enix might not have announced the pixel remasters for Switch and PlayStation, but i doubt the ESRB would rate each game individually by mistake and add the Switch and PS4 logos in the descriptions unless there about to announce an official release date for console.

  3. I went to the website, the games are no longer listed on the site. Either this is a great troll, or the website took it off the site to hide it.

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