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Stranger Things actor really wants Nintendo to make animated Zelda movie

Stranger Things actor, Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson in the popular Netflix show, has spoken to Variety about his plans for the Christmas period and for 2023. Henderson who is a big fan of Nintendo and has told the entertainment site that he has teamed up with the Kyoto-based company to “talk about a few of their latest titles he hopes to play during this festive season.” Matarazzo also told Variety that he also lovesThe Legend of Zelda franchise and says that it has been his dream to see a visually and musically driven animated film staring Link and friends. He says that exploring a vocally silent Hyrule with the story being told visually backed up by with a majestic score would be something he would absolutely love to see.

Now that he’s got some downtime over the holidays, Matarazzo, a lifelong Nintendo fan, is teaming up with the brand to talk about a few of their latest titles he hopes to play during this festive season. 

“My mom says I’m the worst person to shop for, because I never have a list or say that I want anything specifically,” the actor says, noting that he knows exactly what he’s giving out for presents this year. “I know I’ll be gifting ‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Pokémon Violet’ to friends and I’m ready to start playing it myself.” 

“I’m a huge ‘Legend of Zelda’ fan and I’ve always wanted to see a very visually and musically driven animated film. It might be challenging when most of the characters never speak, but to explore a vocally silent world where a story can be told visually and through score would be really cool.” 

Gaten Matarazzo talking with Variety


10 thoughts on “Stranger Things actor really wants Nintendo to make animated Zelda movie”

  1. There’s a lot of stuff fans want Nintendo do to do: A New DK game, a DK movie or TV series, Pikmin 5(which probably wont come out until 2032 since it was alreadya 10 year wait for Pikmin 4) Luigi’s Mansion 4(probably another 8 year wait) Metroid Prime 5(probably another 20 to 25 year wait) shall I continue? A real Paper Mario game like the one on N64, Astral Chain 2,

    Hopefully Nintendo listen and made Pikmin 4 like Pikmin 2 where you go under ground and collect treasures not just fruit and vegetables. We want the game to be longer too. I don’t know why they would make Pikmin 3 short after Pikmin 2 was longer. Also bring back all the bugs and spiders and other enemies from Pikmin 2 too. And bring back wing and purple Pikmin. Rock Pikmin were useless.

    1. You forgot Mother 3 localized and an F-Zero game, doesn’t matter if remaster of an older title or a new one not to mention a new StarFox game that isn’t a reboot of a remake of a remake.

    1. You are so right! What’s the point about movie based on video games if you already play it in the first place. What a waste!

  2. I’ve long thought the same as this actor. There is an old (Japanese I think) movie called 9 Iron that is very good, and the protagonist hardly speaks—the way the story is told is amazing.
    I think Link could speak here and there, but maybe only a few times in the film and sparingly. One of the strengths of Japanese film and TV, is they really know how to tell a story silently, and use the power of silence and imagery and music to tell the story.
    I’ve heard a lot of debates about people talking about how a Zelda movie could work, but rarely do I hear what this actor said, and what I’ve felt—tell most of the story using films strengths—visually.

    The argument can be made that dialogue heavy films misuse the format, because they rely on dialogue to tell the story, I don’t subscribe to that because well written dialogue is a joy, but it is true a lot of movies use dialogue when it’s redundant, or could be shown instead.

    Long story short, which is too late because I already told the long version, I think this actor is spot on about how Zelda should be done in film form.

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