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Platinum Games shares a sneak peek at The Wonderful 101 Luka DLC

Logo for The Wonderful 101 Remastered by Platinum Games available now.

Platinum Games has teased the forthcoming downloadable content for The Wonderful 101, which received a remastered edition for the Nintendo Switch in May 2020, in a newly published development video. When the game’s Kickstarter went live, Platinum Games said that players would be able to eventually access DLC based on Luka. The Luka DLC will be a platforming-shooting side mission and is teased by the developers in the video down below. Presumably Platinum Games is looking to release the Luka DLC for The Wonderful 101 soon across all platforms.

Thanks to Robert M for the news tip!

2 thoughts on “Platinum Games shares a sneak peek at The Wonderful 101 Luka DLC”

  1. Meanwhile still waiting for an announcement of Astral Chain 2 before 2030. Or do I have to buy a next generation Nintendo console to play it because like Ubisoft hardly make Nintendo exclusive sequels immediately.

  2. Here is a list of games developers made and didn’t immediately do nothing after they were released:
    Tropical Freeze
    Pikmin 3(Sequel got unveiled over 10 years later plus developer lied the game was nearly complete7 years ago)
    Rayman Legends
    Starfox Zero
    Metroid Prime 3(sequel got confirmed over 20 years later)
    Astral Chain
    Luigi’s Mansion
    Mario Strikers(The one on the Switch is over 15 years from this one)
    Mario Ball

    Yet a quality Mario or Zelda game arrives every 35 seconds.

    The list just goes on and on just make great games then don’t do nothing afterwards

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