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France: Nintendo Switch family of systems best-selling console of all-time

Philippe Lavoué, CEO of Nintendo France, has announced that the Nintendo Switch family of systems have become the France’s best-selling console of all-time. Nintendo France has now shifted over 7.1 million Nintendo Switch family units since the original system launched in 2017, which means that the Switch have now overtaken the Wii to become the country’s most popular gaming console. At the last count Sony has sold over six million PlayStation 4 consoles. Though Le Figaro points out the French market has been “handicapped by recurring shortages of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S.” The French news site also repots that the figures show that “nearly a quarter of French households are now equipped with one or more Switches.”

“We sold 987,000 Switch in 2022, which is the best performance on the market. One in two consoles sold in France last year was a Switch.”

“We have the will to constantly conquer a new audience, beyond our fans,”

Philippe Lavoué, CEO of Nintendo France

Frances best-selling Nintendo Switch boxed-games:

  1. Pokémon Purple and Scarlet: 701,000 sales
  2. Pokémon Arceus: 575,000 sales
  3. Mario Kart 8: 45,000 sales
  4. Nintendo Switch Sports: 425,000 sales
  5. Mario Strikers: 264,000 sales
  6. Splatoon 3: 254,000 sales
  7. Animal Crossing New Horizons: 253,000 sales
  8. Kirby and the Forgotten World: 214,000 sales

“More than half of Switch owners bought Mario Kart 8”

Philippe Lavoué, CEO of Nintendo France


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