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Fire Emblem Engage details have started leaking online

official logo for Fire Emblem Engage on Switch

Those of you who are early-awaiting the arrival of the next Fire Emblem game Fire Emblem Engage, which is out this Friday worldwide, should be made aware that story spoilers have started appearing on social media platforms. Presumably a very small number of retailers have broken the street date for Fire Emblem: Engage which has inevitably led to a very small proportion of people spoiling some of the story details on different social media platforms and forums. Fire Emblem Engage will officially be released on Friday on the Nintendo eShop and at your favourite retailers, and if you play Fire Emblem Heroes, you can claim the Order of Heroes item set in the new Fire Emblem adventure.


6 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Engage details have started leaking online”

      1. +sonic galaxy +felixgray
        Even if I was lucky enough to get a game a day or 2 early, at the very least I would record footage, edit it, and then wait until a day after release before posting videos on it.
        Honestly the people that actually are leaking footage are being really stupid because Nintendo have reasonable motive to strike the videos and cause all sorts of problems for the uploader. No amount of clicks is worth that kind of trouble.

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