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New Octopath Traveler 2 character trailer

Two new characters for Octopath Traveler II

The new Octopath Traveler game, Octopath Traveler 2, looks like it is shaping up rather nicely and today Square Enix has unleashed another four minute character trailer. This particular trailer focusses on two new characters in the franchise, and they are Ochette, the Hunter, and Castti, the Apothecary. The HD-2D visuals of the original Octopath Traveler have been tweaked and improved giving the game a truly beautiful aesthetic. You can get your hands on the new Octopath Traveler adventure when it launches on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch on Friday, 24th February.

“Introducing the final pair of the eight new protagonists – Ochette, the Hunter, and Castti, the Apothecary – as well as how to progress through the game’s eclectic story, which offers players a huge degree of freedom. Discover a brand-new entry in the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series, the first instalment of which was initially released in 2018 and sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Octopath Traveler II takes the series’ HD-2D graphics, a fusion of retro pixel art and 3DCG, to even greater heights. In the faraway realm of Solistia, step into the shoes of eight new travelers, each with their own origins, motivations, and unique skills. The places you go, the deeds you do, the tales whose hero you become… Every road is yours to take.”

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