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Nintendo has patented improved image processing method possibly for Zelda: Tears of Kingdom

It would appear as though Nintendo has been looking at numerous different ways to improve the Switch’s image quality as the system continues to age. The Nintendo Switch internal hardware has basically remained unchanged since it the system launched back in March 2017. A patent filed by the company in June 2022 seems to go some way to help improve the system’s image quality. The patent is could be related to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom since one of the inventors for it is, Akashi Miyagi, who has previously worked as a sub-director with, Kentaro¬†Tominagaon, on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and is thought to play a role in the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The patent is for “an image processing method for expressing objects with transparency with a low processing load.”


4 thoughts on “Nintendo has patented improved image processing method possibly for Zelda: Tears of Kingdom”

  1. Reading this made me smile cheekily with cheese. Uh yes for tears of the kingdom Zelda, and the machine that follows the Switch ūüéģ.


  2. I don’t understand why Nintendo doesn’t just release a switch dock containing a gpu that way the switch can play current gen games without much issues.
    The miniforum b550 already proved this is capable and the Switch is already capable of utilizing an external gpu.
    If Nintendo released a dock with a gpu built in or, at the very least, capable of connecting an external gpu I guarantee more 3rd party games that everyone want would release on switch without performance issues, we would even see bigger triple A games get released on switch without being limited to cloud based only.
    Imo this is what I believe Nintendo has planned but I’m a nobody and most likely will be wrong because everything Nintendo does never makes any sense and at this time they’ve reduced themselves to reproducing the same games over and over again with very few new ideas along with re releases.

    1. That an old cool idea, but it makes me think that that way the switch will not be able to be played off the dick for more and more games. I mean I guess some games will require you to stay docked and there goes the whole concept of the switch. Just dont forget that the switches gimmick is its big success! Also its first parties but than again look at the wii u…

    2. I understand your reasoning,but Nintendo would never do that. If the experience in handheld is vastly different, they wouldn’t go for it

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