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Japan: Square Enix survey asks which HD-2D remakes & remasters fans want next

new screenshot for the hd-2d game Octopath Traveler

Square Enix has recently issued a new survey for Japanese gamers which asks which HD-2D games they would like to see next from the talented developers at Team Asano. Team Asano has created quite a few notable Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS RPGs such as the Bravely Default series and Triangle Strategy, amongst others, and have gained plenty of experience in the field creating HD-2D games. Square Enix obviously has plenty of classic RPGs sitting in their retro vaults just waiting to be remade in HD-2D, or simply just remastered for modern gaming platforms. Here is a sample of two questions which Japanese gamers are asked in the new Square Enix survey:

  • Which video game genre would you like to see Team Asano develop?
  • What kind of games would you like to see remade or remastered in the future? (Not limited to Square Enix titles)


57 thoughts on “Japan: Square Enix survey asks which HD-2D remakes & remasters fans want next”

        1. This would be your time to re do final fantasy 5 and 6 they over due for a hd type now sense your teamed with enix illusion of Gaia super Mario rpg legend of the seven stars Chrono trigger secret of mana that final fantasy tactics on the Gameboy advance

        2. Why be selective when they can remake both? I mean the demand to remake both Xenogears and Chrono Trigger is there and have been demanded on forums and youtube videos. I think this is just hyping up an already in-progress remakes/remasters

      1. You seem to be confusing Xenosaga with Xenogears maybe? Xenogears is 100% SquareEnix owned IP so they could remake if they wanted.

  1. Start working on every game thats already been made so we can play them over and over forever. But absolutely nothing new.

    1. To be honest, that comment feels rather mean-spirited, considering Square Enix’s ridiculous amount of games released in 2022 (and also in 2023 from what it looks like right now). There was like at least one new game released by them every month, and many of them were brand-new. And the remakes that they did release were mostly pretty high effort (like Live a Live and Crisis Core).

    1. Unfortunately, Super Mario RPG probably wouldn’t work with the 2D HD look, not that I don’t want a remake of that.
      But 2D HD versions of Dragon Quest IV, V and VI would be very welcome. And as long as I’m wishing, how about a remake of IX and ports of the 3DS versions of VII and IIX.

  2. I would love to see remakes of Brave Fencer Musashi, Parasite Eve, Before Crisis Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy V and VI, and Chrono Trigger.

  3. Battle Arena Toshinden 1-3
    Chrono Trigger
    Suikoden 1-5, Tactics
    Dragon Quest 1-9
    Shadow Hearts 1-3
    Legend of Dragoon
    Legend of Legaia
    All the Tales of … Series on PS1
    Remaster for Tales of … Series PS2
    Vagrant Story
    X-Men: Children of the Atom
    Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2
    Marvel Super Heroes
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
    Soul Calibur PS1
    Remaster of Art of Fighting 1-3 Anthology
    Remaster of Fatal Fury Archives 1 & 2
    Persona 1 & 2
    Parasite Eve
    Parasite Eve 2 (without tank controls)
    Brave Fencer Musashi
    Namco x Capcom (with updated gameplay like Project X Zone)(I know these are on Nintendo 3DS but, Ports of Project X Zone 1 & 2 and Endless Frontier 1 & 2)
    Star Ocean: The Second Story
    Metal Gear Solid Series
    Threads of Fate
    Wild Arms Series
    Shining Forces Series
    Alundra 1 & 2
    Arc the Lad Collection
    Breath of Fire 1-4
    AR Tonelico 1-3
    Mana Khemia 1 & 2
    Atelier Iris 1-3
    Rival Schools and a port of Rival Schools 2: Project Justice

    That’s all I can think of right now, LOL!

    1. As soon as I saw legend of dragoon in legend of legaia I already know that you spoke for me and I have nothing more to say. A nod of respect to you sir

  4. Chrono Trigger
    Super Mario RPG
    Illusions of Gaia (possibly the whole trilogy since one of them never released stateside)
    Lufia 1 & 2
    Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen and 64
    AND, I have no idea how this would ever be possible, but if miracles can happen, please, please, please, please, please LUNAR: SSSC and EB!

  5. I totally forgot about Soul Blazer/Blader which is owned by Squeenix! I think I want that more than Chrono Trigger now. Unlike Chrono Trigger, I actually played SB as a little kid. (Didn’t play CT til my early teens…) A friend of my older brother helped me with that game. Sadly he was murdered all those many years ago & is probably why the game still sticks out to me. For the longest time, I forgot the game’s name but remembered the gameplay & stuff. Another game I never got to beat but want to.

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