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Greek retailer lists Pikmin 4 with May release date

Pikmin 4 2023

A Greek video game retailer has started listing Shigeru Miyamoto’s upcoming Pikmin 4 game for Nintendo Switch with a 23rd May release date. The game has been a long-time-coming as it was initially announced back in July 2015 by Mr. Miyamoto in an interview with Eurogamer. Pikmin 4 was once again mentioned in September 2022 by Shigeru Miyamoto during a Nintendo Direct presentation as coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023. As always the Pikmin 4 release date information could simply be a placeholder by the Greek retailer. Hopefully we find out soon when the new Pikmin game will finally be released on the Nintendo Switch platform.


15 thoughts on “Greek retailer lists Pikmin 4 with May release date”

  1. At least credit GoNintendo as your source instead of pretending you found this information. After all, they originally posted this news. Show some respect. No wonder video game journalism is in the toilet.

  2. Next you will be telling your local newspaper to credit every other newspaper reporting on the same story 😂 Sickr is a wonderful and legit journalist, my favourite actually 😎

  3. Who cares who found the information that’s like certain individuals who call out Sickr because they didn’t give them credit for something they submitted or something they found “Stop being a whinny fanboy” and put your big boy pants on!

  4. I think the box art looks cool. Little Pikmin playing with JoyCons in the flowers is a nice tone to set.
    I wouldn’t be shocked if Pikmin 4 is coming really soon too.

    1. Edit: Nevermind. I zoomed in and that box art is definitely just some photoshop art off google. Too bad. It looked cute before I realized it’s totally fake.

  5. If true, it would be yet another example of Nintendo screwing over this wonderful series with badly-timed releases. Pikmin 3 was an amazing game, hamstrung by release on the market-trailing Wii U. Now Pikmin 4, which has languished in development for ages, will come out at the end of the life cycle of another console. If it’s also releasing the same month as one of the most anticipated games of the decade, it will vanish into obscurity like its predecessor.

    1. BOTW was released at the end od the WiiU life cycle and I think it did ok, lmao.
      Now, if it really does release around the same time as TOTK that will be detrimental.

    2. I hope they don’t mess the Pikmin franchise up determing what console it should come out on. I been waiting 8 years since the liar said the game was nearly complete in 2015. Last thing i need is their excuse not to make Pikmin 5. And every generation Pikmin game gets further and further in years from its predecessor. Pikmin 2 was 3 years from Pikmin 1. Pikmin 3 was 8 years from Pikmin 2. And Pikmin 4 is 10 years from Pikmin 3. So Pikmin 5 will be 12 years from Pikmin 4?

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