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Fans aren’t happy with GameStop’s Zelda: Tears of Kingdom pre-order gift

GameStop's Zelda: Tears of the kingdom Wooden Plaque pre-order bonus

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the biggest video games due to release this year and fans have anxiously been waiting to see the different video game retailers pre-order bonuses for the game. GameStop has announced that their exclusive pre-order gift is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-themed Wooden Plaque, which I think it is fair to say is not quite what people had expected, cue hilarious comments on various social media sites. You can check out GameStop’s website here.

“Pre-order any edition of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and receive a free exclusive wooden plaque only at GameStop!”

GameStop website


37 thoughts on “Fans aren’t happy with GameStop’s Zelda: Tears of Kingdom pre-order gift”

    1. The wood plaque is a great gift and no getting it from the collectors from Ninty site is not far greater… Ninty is also ANTI-CONSUMER!

      1. 🧐 OR, *I’ve also seen at… NOT *I saw (not “I seen”). Depending on where in time said exclusives were seen.
        –Signed, Your more than average The Legend of Zelda fan. 🤓

      1. they reopened in certain states. the website works too and purchases arrive normal as well just inventory is blah. i ordered a few items and they arrived as scheduled. they reopened sometime last year

  1. Far be it for me to defend a corporation, but I was raised that if someone gives you something you smile and say thanks, you don’t bitch about it.

  2. Lots of big Zelda fans have ornate decor on their walls, why would people be upset about this? If it’s the odd design, its meaning should become clear after playing some of the game. Wooden decor is typically considered premium.

    1. Haha no joke, shillin away tryingg to make GameStop look bad for no reason other than the fact they are being paid to slander GameStop.

    1. So I’m not on any one side.
      But what no one is keeping in to consternation is the copyright law.
      If this gift is not a good one keep in mind that. That gift had to be giving the ok by Nintendo or GameStop would be in hot water for making things that is copyrighted by Nintendo like the legend of zelda material. Just saying. Good or not it’s a Nintendo item.

  3. I pre-ordered on Amazon with a price guarantee. So when they raised the price of the game, I’m still getting the cheaper price. So screw the silly piece of wood!

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