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Jeff Grubb reiterates that Metroid Prime 2 & Metroid Prime 3 are Switch bound

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes original art by Nintendo and Retro Studios

Venture Beat journalist, Jeff Grubb, has reiterated that both Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will both be re-released on the Nintendo Switch family of systems, presumably by the same team which handled the recently released Metroid Prime Remastered. It is not clear whether the classic games will be treated in exactly the same way as Metroid Prime Remastered, but it does sound like they will be tidied up a little. Presumably Nintendo would like the trilogy available on the Nintendo Switch family of systems before Metroid Prime 4 touches down, whenever that might be.

8 thoughts on “Jeff Grubb reiterates that Metroid Prime 2 & Metroid Prime 3 are Switch bound”

  1. I sure hope so! I really want to replay 3 in particular, but don’t feel like hooking up my old Wii or Wii U again. I’d also like for an option to use the same gyro controls in 3 that they introduced in 1 remastered.

  2. Interesting and very welcomed! If this is a year by year case, then 2 next year, 3 the year after, and 4 the year after that, so we could be looking at a release of 2026 for Metroid 4, unless they polish up Super Metroid too before hand, then it could be a 2027 release, the switch’s 10th Anniversary! 😁💖

    1. You have a great point, you know that? If Nintendo wanted, with their vast IP, the could extend the Switch’s life to that Ten year mark, while sneaking in the Switch 2 release as well. Giving Metroid prime 2 echoes and Metroid prime 3 corruption, the Wii release type of blessings; Nintendo ‘leave luck to heaven.’


    2. Yeah I would like to see Metroid Prime 2 & 3 remastered just like Metroid Prime 1 was beside Metroid Prime 4 won’t be coming till Nintendo next generation home console.
      I would also like to see more GameCube game get that same treatment as Metroid Prime remastered did I mean who would like to see Twilight Princess or MGS Twins Snake just to name a few oh wait Eternal Darkness too would be awesome too

  3. One has to wonder if this is why we haven’t seen- or heard- anything more on Prime 4 yet: they’re remastering the original trilogy games on the side and will only show off Prime 4 when all three are done and out. For all we know these remasters are a test to see just how far Prime 4 can push the Switch hardware, with these games as the benchmark.

  4. I hope they take the time to remaster them. I’m not sure I would want to pay again if the old textures and models are in place. Prime 2 especially wouldn’t hold up as well. New controls would be tempting though.

  5. If not remastered… I’d appreciate that they will be released physically together for 40 bucks. But… just remaster them Nintendo and charge 40 for each.

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