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Iron Galaxy Studios and more helped develop Metroid Prime Remastered

It’s hard to believe, but a game that had been rumored for so long was finally revealed to be true in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. The game’s physical release is later this month, but Metroid Prime Remastered released digitally yesterday, and a lot of people have been playing it. Some people have even managed to beat the game already, and the credits contain something interesting.

Retro Studios was leading the way with Metroid Prime Remaster’s development, but with the team currently developing Metroid Prime 4, they have quite their hands full. Fortunately, Retro Studios had lots of help with Metroid Prime Remastered. It has been discovered that Iron Galaxy Studios was very involved with the game’s development. Not only that, but the credits also mention Airship Images Limited, Atomhawk Design, CGBot, Gamesim Inc, Liquid Development, Original Force LTD, Shanghai Mineloader Digital Technology, and Zombot Studio.


5 thoughts on “Iron Galaxy Studios and more helped develop Metroid Prime Remastered”

  1. So Retro does do work. And here I thought they just made Tropical Freeze and didn’t do nothing after that. They been busy. Metroid Prime 4, Metroid Dread, and Metroid Prime Remastered.

      1. They didn’t; that was MercurySteam This fool just likes to pretend he knows better than developers who “wait 20 years to make a sequel” yet can’t even get the most basic of facts correct.

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