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Metroid Prime Remastered releasing digitally today, physically February 22nd

Today’s Nintendo Direct has dropped a long rumored game, and it’s a remaster of a game that Metroid fans have been enjoying for many years. Metroid Prime will be getting a remaster, including things like gyro controls and much more.

The digital version of Metroid Prime Remastered is releasing later today. A physical release will be coming on February 22nd. You can see the reveal trailer down below.

9 thoughts on “Metroid Prime Remastered releasing digitally today, physically February 22nd”

  1. I feel like I’ve been waiting at least 3 years for this to be announced. I’ll absolutely buy the physical, but I just felt the way it was announced was so completely underwhelming.
    Is it really too much to ask for the trilogy to be rolled in.

      1. I can’t tell what surprised me more Colin the fact that they didn’t make this a main attraction for the direct, or the fact they straight up Shadow dropped the digital version today?

        Still hyped though šŸ¤©

  2. Watch we will get prime 2 come end of year and 3 come next spring. Then we will get Prime 4 next Christmas for both the Switch and the Super Switch(what I think will be their next consoles game).

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