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Nintendo Direct confirmed for tomorrow

Tune in tomorrow, 8th February at 2 pm PT / 10pm UK time for a Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games launching in the first half of 2023. View the livestream at

Source: Nintendo of America

26 thoughts on “Nintendo Direct confirmed for tomorrow”

    1. I love advance Wars so much but why I would buy an Advance Wars remake with a very inferior art,
      I watched the trailer alot I hate the new art compared to the original.

    1. Here are my predictions:

      New updates abounced on Scarlet and Violet, Tears of the Kingdom, Mario Kart 9, Bravely Default III, Tropical Freeze II, Octopath Travelers 2, Pikmin 4, Astral Chain 2, Luigi’s Mansion 4, and last but not least a new Starfox. INFO on Switch version of Hogwarts. AND A NEW CONSOLE FOR 2024.

      1. Your list seems decent but their not gonna show off a new console in a direct, things like that always get separate reveal, mk9 already exist (tour is already officially counted as mainline) 10 will most likely be the next title plus deluxe is still receiving dlc, so that would be awful timing to announce a brand new game while the previous one is getting dlc.

      2. +Gruntilda
        Man, that Gruntilda takes ages releasing a new comment, if she just started immediately after finishing the last 1 we wouldn’t have to wait so long.

    1. I like the wording “mostly”, not sure if that word is new in the direct descriptions or if it is always there. They usually say it will focus on the next 6 months and then talk about games that are a year away at least. “Mostly” gives them leeway to talk about holiday or 2024 games without being called deceptive. Maybe instead of a new Mario game to go along with the movie we get a new DK game? DK is due and has been in all of the movie previews, here’s hoping. Cheers everyone! Have a fun Direct!

  1. It’s finally that time of the year again my homies: the first Nintendo Direct of 2023!

    I know everyone’s going to call me out for saying this, but I don’t care: I am holding out hope for a port if kid Icarus uprising 🤩

  2. I would really love to see a wind waker announcement for august, just for the Zelda enthusiasts among us, why not try and please the older and newer Zelda fans too 😁 and I’d love to see let’s go Johto in the Pokemon direct at the end of the month, and Mario Oddesy 2/Mario Galaxy 3 in the September Direct. Not really expecting anything else from this, so whatever we get will be a nice surprise 😁💖

    1. Not just Wind Waker; Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time HD, Majora’s Mask HD, Oracle of Ages and Seasons combined remake and Zeldas one and two as HD remakes.

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