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New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game could be announced on Pokemon Day 2023

The Pokemon Company announced yesterday that in the lead up to Pokemon Day 2023 they will be collecting an assortment of fan photos and videos depicting memories of the beloved franchise which will be published on the newly launched Pokemon Together website. Interestingly, those who have delved into the site’s source code have noticed that Spike Chunsoft is mentioned. Spike Chunsoft is the development team behind the long-running Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series of games which made their debut in 2005 in Japan, then worldwide in 2006. All eyes will be glued to see what is actually announced by The Pokemon Company on Pokemon Day which is on Monday, 27th February.

13 thoughts on “New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game could be announced on Pokemon Day 2023”

  1. I’d kill for an Explorers of Sky remake in the style of the Rescue Team remake. Honestly that would be the best game in the series if they did it right.
    Don’t get me wrong though, a brand new Mystery Dungeon game would be great as well. It’s certainly been long enough since Super.

  2. Pokemon day is as exciting as it ever could be, we have many rumoured titles coming, let’s go Johto, Pokemon legends Celebi, detective pikachu 2, Pokemon sleep, red blue yellow green on vc, gold silver crystal on vc, Ruby sapphire emerald on vc, leaf green fire red on vc, Pokemon black white remake, Pokemon x y remake, Pokemon sun moon remake, Pokemon heart gold soul silver remake, Pokemon omega Ruby alpha sapphire remake, Pokemon platinum remake. We will see what they do! 😁💖

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