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Capcom says Ace Attorney series has now sold 9.8 million copies worldwide

Capcom has announced in a recent press release that the beloved Ace Attorney series of video games have shifted over 9.8 million copies worldwide, since the first game in the series released on the Game Boy Advance in 2001 in Japan. The news comes as the Ace Attorney series is set to feature in an upcoming musical production in the land of the rising sun and the female musical theatre trope, Takarazuka Revue, will be headlining. Capcom also mentioned that the The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles compilation, which launched in 2021, has now sold over 500k copies worldwide.

“The game ‘Ace Attorney’, in which the player tries to uncover the truth behind a case in order to save a client accused of a crime he did not commit, is a hugely popular series that has sold a total of over 9.8 million copies (as of 31 December 2022).”

Capcom PR


11 thoughts on “Capcom says Ace Attorney series has now sold 9.8 million copies worldwide”

    1. I doubt the series is canned, the GAAC only came out in 2021 and sold pretty well. A lot of people didn’t think Capcom would ever bother to make the effort to localise it but they did.

      Like you say, we’re not exactly strangers to long hiatus’ in the AA fandom. We’ve just gotta be patient at this point.

      1. I’m very thankful we got the TGAA here in the west, but I wouldn’t really count that as a new entry overall since it was no different from the collections like the trilogy collection to the Japanese audience. We also had 2 Investigations games and PL vs PW within that 6 year period, but there’s been effectively no new stories in the series since 2017.

        1. True, I suppose TGAA doesn’t technically count as a brand new entry, but keep in mind that localising a game as text heavy as Ace Attorney is no small task. If Capcom were truly planning to can the AA series I highly doubt they would’ve gone through the massive effort to do so.

          And while its true we haven’t had any new stories since 2017, they have been porting the games to various different platforms, showing that they at least still have interest in doing stuff with the franchise.

          I know this dry spell sucks but I really think there isn’t anything to worry about on the “canned” front. The existance of AA7 was leaked during that massive security breach Capcom had a couple of years back and I imagine it’s still in development.
          Spirit of Justice was the end of an era for the series (being the end of the second trilogy and having a pretty major cliffhanger) and I think they’re just taking their time (possibly a little too much time) to make sure that the next phase of the franchise lives up to fan expectation. Maybe I’m too optimistic but I think we’ve just gotta be patient here.

          1. I guess I should wait a little bit longer before worrying, you’re right. Still though, I can’t help but fear the future of this series when Takeshi Yamazaki has left Capcom.

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