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Rumor: Jeff Grubb’s hearing things about a Switch 2 reveal in late 2023

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Rumors of a new Switch model have been going for years. When there hasn’t been rumors of a new Switch model, there have been rumors related to a successor to the Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo has not said a thing about any new hardware, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning.

The latest example of this comes from Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb yesterday. Grubb revealed on a new video on his YouTube channel that he is hearing about an official announcement of a Switch 2 reveal that would be happening in late 2023.

He does, however, advise lots of caution. Not only does he state that what he heard is a rumor that he couldn’t 100% verify, but he even says that it’s a rumor of a rumor and to not take it as verbatim. He later says that something like this happening would be “hard to believe”. Still, he’s heard something at all, and it is obviously another sign that the rumors aren’t going to end anytime soon.

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22 thoughts on “Rumor: Jeff Grubb’s hearing things about a Switch 2 reveal in late 2023”

  1. A link to the zazss

    We won’t know anything until the September direct, so please don’t get to excited people 😂💖

  2. new switch hardware ain’t happening this year nor being announced this year, new models like colored variants are likely.

  3. At this point it’s purly speculation when a Switch successor will release, the average lifecycle for a Nintendo system is 5 or 6 years. With the longest lifecycle being 7 years between the NES and SNES. The Nintendo Switch released simultaneously March 3rd 2017, making March 2023 it’s 6th anniversary. The possibility of a Switch successor is very likely and could possibly be announced in late 2023 technically speaking.

    1. Despite the advertising, I think it’s more accurate to call the Switch a handheld with an added peripheral rather than calling it a console, and there’s even a model that can’t even be docked. If it’s like the GameBoy, we could be going another 3 years without a successor.

      1. Yeah even so Nintendo plans to expand the service since more Gameboy advance games are coming very soon. I mean, I know they won’t announce it anytime soon since E-3 is currently out of the question for them since they won’t participate in it this year. I will say we will be getting a successor like another year honestly before Nintendo plans to reveal it. The speculation about it is getting a little higher then usual. Besides 120 million Switch units has been sold as of December 2022 if I’m wrong on that date. Also, Grubb is no longer working at VentureBeat anymore.

      2. Hmm… I think 3 is pushing it. I’m sure they’ll have Fall games for this year shown during their “Not-E3” Nintendo Direct. But I could see 2024 being a much slower, final year. I mean, they’ve made 2 entries to a lot of their franchises already, and those studios are in the middle of other projects to release something next year. I can’t imagine they’ll have many big games to release next year. This year has FE, Kirby, Pikmin, Advance Wars, Zelda, the rest of MK8 DLC, Splatoon DLC, Xenoblade DLC, and maybe a few other things. What could they even have for next year? A game from Grezzo and Good-Feel… that’s about all I got. Maybe a new Mario but I feel like that’ll probably be kept for a launch/window/year release for Switch 2. That triple hit of Zelda, Mario, and Xenoblade in one year probably helped the Switch and I’m sure they want to replicate that again (albeit with different franchises).

    2. Nintendo has already pretty much confirmed when the successor will launch, in my opinion. They seem to have had a pretty clear image for a long while for when the next console will “take the stage”.

      On May 2020 Nintendo stated that Switch is barely halfway through it’s cycle (as the primary console). Same year, December Nintendo stated that Switch IS halfway of it’s cycle. Switch launched on March 2017, halfway point at Dec. 2020 means the cycle is complete around fall 2024.

      Switch still has plenty of steam in the tank, for this year and the next but I could imagine by 2025, the sales would drop quite dramatically but it doesn’t really matter since for holiday 2024, a new star will emerge, “Switch 2”, whatever it will be called.

  4. People seem to forget this is a hybrid system, not only does it follow console systems such as the Wii, N64, but it also follows handheld systems such as the Gameboy and DS and 3DS. The Gameboy with Gameboy color did an incredible 12 years! and the Nintendo DS did 7 years, and the 3DS did a full 7 years lasting to March 2018! So the switch could very well do another year in the short term, or 5 years long term, we will see 😁💖

  5. Nintendo president recently said they are in “uncharted territory”. So don’t look at the past to predict the future on this one. All we know is there are a bunch (120 million) of Switch units out there, how and when they integrate that user base into the next hardware iteration will be a key point for me.

  6. Your right, the rumors won’t end because people know exactly what the new model will be called. Switch pro. But too me, I know it won’t be called Switch pro even so Nintendo did say a while back ago that there are no plans for another switch model. That’s exactly what they pointed out long ago just to get some people to stop making rumors about it. So, it’s best not to think straight before you made another rumor.

  7. System will be announced in August or September this year or next. I honestly think with a big game year this year they will not release a new console until 2025 because they will ride those waves unless the new system will be backwards compatible like the DS and gameboys which I am totally expecting.
    Also with them going to 70 for Zelda I believe it will open up a huge locker of games for companies to add to the switch with bigger sized cards. We have been screaming for years now we would pay the extra for the extra microcars space for bigger sized games.

  8. Interesting. I would have guessed Q1 2024 at the earliest. Launching in March (2017) worked well for the Switch… but maybe not for Switch 2.

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