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Quality photos emerge of Mario-themed Nintendo Switch system for Mar10 Day

super Mario odyssey

Update: Now confirmed by Nintendo of America for Mar10 Day!

We heard a week or so ago that Nintendo was preparing a special Nintendo Switch system for Mar10 Day, which is 10th March. The system has now leaked and is a standard Nintendo Switch system with red coloured Joy-Cons, and the option to download one of three Super Mario Switch games which are New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The Super Mario-themed Nintendo Switch system also comes with some stickers for their forthcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. You can check out the images of the new Switch system down below.


12 thoughts on “Quality photos emerge of Mario-themed Nintendo Switch system for Mar10 Day”

  1. If you notice the last picture on the button the persons shoe is on yellow spray paint, probably an employee in a back room of a store house that leaked these photos.

    1. Yeah, it looks like the loading dock of a big store, reminds me of when I worked at JCP… My guess… Best Buy

  2. I can tell that my Switch that I’ve had since launch day is starting to die (sometimes the fan starts spinning so fast it makes a whining sound and makes the whole console vibrate), so I could be in the market for a new unit soon. I wouldn’t get this particular bundle since I already have all three of those games, but I do like that shade of red for the Joy-Cons.

    1. I had a similar problem with my PS4 (I know this is a Nintendo fourm) I tried pretty much every trouble shooting technique when my PlayStation would overheat. It had proper ventilation 4 inches on all sides and not in an inclosed space like a TV stand. I removed the screws and cleaned the interior with compressed air and replaced the thermal paste, i even put small slabs of wood underneath the PS4 so it’s elevated about an inch off the surface and purchased a small exterior fan. You can always watch YouTube tutorials or read articles for your everyday typical trouble shooting techniques.

    2. I’ve been making sure that all the third parties I’m getting are on PS5 because my Switch’s fan goes into overdrive as well. I’m trying to hold off until the successor releases, but who knows when that will be.

  3. That is not switch oled that is OG switch, nintendo don’t makes OG switch anymore this photo is fake our too old

    1. OG Switch wasn’t discontinued with the release of the OLED lol they even changed the OG Switch’s box to the smaller OLED one but kept the design

  4. Hummmm Seems fake to me, I am french and the sentence in french on the box is totaly wrong “EN CHOISIR UN JEU COMPLET TELECHARGEABLE” is wrong and means nothing at all. So I doubt Nintendo would have done this mistake on a box.

    1. “Mario-themed Nintendo Switch system”, box is for North America region.
      This is in Frernch Canada. “En choisir un, jeu complet téléchargable.”

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